I Survived #LillyForTarget - Sammy Makes Six

I Survived #LillyForTarget

Where you part of the frenzy known as Lilly for Target this Sunday? Not only was Target's website knocked offline by avid shoppers looking to don Golden Girls inspired Miami wear (not really but the designs are very Golden Girls-eske), but I guess stores where hit majorly. I saw pictures online of lines and lines of women waiting for Target stores to open nationwide, all in hopes of snagging some of the floral goods for themselves. Some ladies even wore matching floral clothing so maybe they could blend in with the merchandise and get a chance to grab more, something of a floral chamo in preparation for the war of Lilly Pulitzer. It was so bad, many are comparing it to the Hunger Games. My store? Not so much.

I arrived at my homely little Target at almost noon to find that most of the merchandise was still sitting there. I had over 35 minutes to roam the store looking around and taking pictures for my Insta peeps before I even saw any of that Hunger Games action. Thank goodness I had already grabbed the bags I wanted because after about 35 minutes of strolling the store checking out the goodies...two separate ladies arrived and started grabbing entire bunches of clothes in hangers. They weren't even looking at the clothes, rather grabbing the bunches and throwing them in their cart as they hungrily looked around at those of us with a few things in our carts. At some point I was sure that I heard the Jaws music playing as one of them circled me over and over again while greedily looking at my two purses. I was the only one at that point that had the pink and blue bags and let me tell you, I felt like fresh meat. 

It wasn't long before the sharks took most of the good stuff and Adrian and I decided to get out of dodge with our booty (lol). We paid (ouch!) and went to lunch where we went over our Lilly Pulitzer adventure. At the end of the day I will tell you what, it saddens me so much that my hokey little town is so poor that only the sharks and those better off could purchase this collection. Forget that most of it is totally tacky and busy, what I would not do for the economy here to get better so that all my neighbors could have afforded some of that tacky ass crap. One of the girls working there told me that there had been a "few" people waiting for the store to open, but they had done all of their damage in the outdoor section where $60 chairs, $100 umbrellas and a really cool $150 hammock were for sale. These must have been ladies who were more well off and could afford those higher priced items. But what about the poh people! We want to buy tacky, overpriced shit too! 

Well, I not only survived #LillyForTarget, I came back a conquering hero, but I wanted more people to join my team. How about you, did you survive #LillyForTarget?