Hey Ma, I Have a Selfie Stick! - Sammy Makes Six

Hey Ma, I Have a Selfie Stick!

What does the queen of selfies need more than a selfie stick? Nothing. That's why Munkey bought me one about a month ago and today I dusted the little sucker out and took it out for a test drive. If anything my new selfie stick is just going to give everyone a better view of the messy parts of my room: the laundry basket that is piled by the closet, the endless cups stacked on my bedside table and a very dirty floor. Not exactly stuff anyone wants to see, BUT still I am pretty stoked to be able to get some different shots from my phone since I do take MANY a selfie. 

The old man was squinting like crazy because the light from the window hurt his very delicate eyes. Don't ask me how I ended up with the guy that can't take a decent selfie. 

Will I be taking the selfie stick out with me in public? I don't know yet, I really don't know if I will feel comfortable pulling that out in a world that already looks at me like I am the fool who is always at the window taking pics of herself. Am I brave enough to face the world with my selfie stick in hand? No lo se.