1st Time Dog Mommy Trying To Get IT Right - Sammy Makes Six

1st Time Dog Mommy Trying To Get IT Right

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Many of you might know the story of Rocky Balboa my Chihuahua mixed breed pup. She came into our life last last year rather reluctantly. First of all let me tell you that I am NOT a dog person, and have never had a pet dog. I like dogs well enough, just didn't have any interest whatsoever in having my own. Well Rocky sure changed that. Now you will find me at PetSmart like any other doggie parent stocking up on food and toys for my little doggie, like if she's been with us forever. But the truth is that I am still so new to doggy parenting and learning the ropes as to what foods, and other important things to do with Rocky. Recently we were at PetSmart shopping for some Purina® Pro Plan® because she is NOT enjoying her current food. I've already switched her food twice and so far, she hasn't been a fan of either food. My main goal is to give her the nest nutrition that I can, helping her to be full of energy and resilient. But I also want her to enjoy her food, she is sort of like Sammy, a pretty picky eater. When it's time for her to eat she smells her bowl so sadly and only takes a few bites before moving on. I'd love to see her eat with gusto and know that at the same time she is getting the proper nutrition. Parenting a dog is just like parenting a kid! Let me tell you about my special little girl. 

Her story begins (well her story with us) last summer. This part of California boasts of very hot temps, getting as high as 115 on a summer day. One day my daughter tells me that she has spotted a stray dog in her yard, which is a large piece of dirt land followed by a huge empty lot. This was not news to us because a lot of stray dogs seem to find their way to that same yard a lot, just last year at least 4 other strays were spotted in the area. I didn't really pay attention, feeling bad for the poor dog who was out there in the heat but knowing it would move on as the other eventually had. Fast forward about a month and she mentions this dog again and how she spotted it eating something in the bushes. Now this worried me, the same dog was still in the area, outside in that heat? That's when the thought of this "dog" started sticking to my head and I began to ask my daughter daily if she'd spotted the dog and if she could try to catch it. All this time I never knew what the dog looked like. It was over a good month and a half before I was visiting and spotted this little, white, fluffy doggy running around in the field. This was the "dog" that was living the empty lot with nothing to eat and very little protection from the heat? Why it was a pup,  all along I had imagine a very large dog! What in the world was this little doggy doing out there? That was the moment... the moment I knew that I had a pet dog. And even though it took us at least another month, we finally caught her and she became part of our family. I named her Rocky Balboa because even though she is to tiny, so fragile and such a lovely little lady, she is a fighter. She stuck it out through a terrible summer, she stuck it out after some person abandoned her and she made it long enough to find a family that will never abandon her or leave her to die in an empty field. 

Life is weird isn't it? There I was living my life, pet free and now knowing or ever having to deal with doggy issues. Now, I am at the vet paying for ear infection checkups and applying medicine at home to Rocky, just like if she was a child. I am also constantly looking for that perfect food for her to try so that she can enjoy her food and get her nutrients. 

I was excited to learn about Purina® Pro Plan® and how I could try it for FREEReal chicken, beef, lamb, or salmon is the #1 ingredient found in all Purina® Pro Plan® dry formulas, which I was hoping would translate to Rocky loving it. 

Would this picky, little eater enjoy her food for the firs time? 

 She sniffed it from afar, she got closer and sniffed again...

 And she dug in! I think mommy finally got it right, she actually ate for a while before going to take her nap. We're almost on an entire week of the Purina® Pro Plan® and so far so good. I see that little Rocky is enjoying her food and I feel comfortable knowing that she is getting everything her little body needs. She's not a puppy, I actually found out at the vet that she is an older pup, which is more reason for me to take care of her. 

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