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My Goals for 2015

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2014 was a very successful year work wise for me. I have been blogging since 2010 and 2014 was definitely the year that I finally reached many goals I had set out way back then. This is the year that I figured out blogging and working in social media, really is for me. At the same time our family went through many ups and downs, which took a big hit on my quality of work and quality of life because I got so stressed out. In 2015 I want to work even more than I did this year, I really want to take my business to the next level, but I don't want to be as stressed out as I was in 2014. I would love for this year to be a smoother year, with better planning, I want to have more energy to get it all done and I also want to have a lot more "me" time. Can it be done? I think with small steps like taking my work outdoors and getting extra immune support, it can. If my mind and body are in good shape, 2015 can be the best year ever.

My goals for 2015:

-Be proactive with my body: get more active and get extra immune support so that I can have the energy needed to run a one woman business and busy family life.
-I want to take my business and blog to the next level: this requires many hours of work, which is another reason I need my immune system to be in tip top shape.
-Take a vacation: in 2014 we skipped our usual yearly vacation which was really upsetting. Either we were too busy or had too many expenses, and it just never happened. That was not okay. This year we are taking that vacation, no matter what.
-Relaxing: I had a few episodes this last year where I completely crashed out. I was done, toasted and roasted, it was all too much. I had so much to do that I did not give myself enough downtime, which eventually caught up to me and when it did, it was bad. This year I need to make more of that "me" time.

in 2015 I am concentrating on that downtime. I’m going to shut the computer down a few times per day and relax: be it a cup of coffee while watching my puppy run around at the park or reading one of the many books on my Kindle, I need my soul to be happy. All work and no play makes for an angry stressed out woman and this year, I refuse to be that woman. This year I will give my mind the gift of all those wonderful books on my Kindle, I will spend endless hours watching the kids play and play many games of Candy Land with my little girl.

For my immune support, I'm taking Ester-C, a Vitamin C supplement that stays in my immune system for up to 24-hours*. It is gentle on the tummy and gives my system that added protection so I can go about my busy schedule.* In 2015 I definitely aim to be a more active and healthy person. Your body can only keep going when you are taking care of it. I am cutting down on a lot of junk and getting myself on the active train. Both the old man and I need this so much, I do see that gym membership in our lives very soon. Not so much to lose weight, just so we can get more energy and protect our heart health too. I'm turning 42 this year and he is going to be 51!! We really need to get active asap.

2015 is going to be busy, successful, fun and tiring! I have so many plans and I can't wait to start checking the goals off my list. Supporting my immune system with Ester-C is going to help me keep chugging along and my family will be cheering me on. I have everything I need to really make this THE best year ever. Grab your bottle of Ester-C at Walmart (currently on rollback) in the vitamin aisle, and support your immune system.* Find out more about Ester-C on Facebook and Twitter.

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