Ipsy February 2015 - Sammy Makes Six

Ipsy February 2015

If you read my monthly Ipsy reviews, you will know that is has been very iffy with them for a while now. I joined Ipsy to get to know different cosmetic brands and maybe a skin care item here and there, but there have been months that I literally get more skin care than anything. I think there should seriously be a rule that no more than one skin care item is allowed per glam bag. Anyways, I had decided since long ago that the Valentine's bag would be my last, but since it was such a good bag I am going to go ahead and stick it out a few more months. So let's get on with this February Ipsy bag unboxing and review!

I saw a sneak peek of my Ipsy Glam bag a dew days before it arrived and it has been the only month that I have really been looking for it to arrive. I received the regular 5 items plus a bonus that I got with points. Starting from the beginning lets talk about this bag which is adorable. I love the hot pink, I like the print and overall it's a good bag that I would totally use for my purse. 

Tini Beauty Eyeshadow in Pearl Fizz is a very pretty champagne color. At first sight I was like, oh no another small, boring shadow but upon swatching I saw how pretty it is. 

This can be used as a shadow, for the inner tear duct and as I plan to use it, as a highlight. 

Now let's talk about one of the prettiest blushes that I now own. This is the ModelCo Blush in Peach Bellini. I don't even know if I own a peach blush, which everyone should have in their collection, but for sure I don't own a golden peach. I love that golden sheen and I know it's going to look just amazing. 

This is the first item from ModelCo that I own and after swatting this blush I would definitely buy a few. Just look at that golden shimmer, it's gorge!

I also got JOYA Composition No. 1 in a lovely, little rollerball. I love the presentation of this perfume oil and I sort of love the scent. It smells expensive and exotic but that undercurrent of musk still affected me after smelling it a while. I can't wear musks because they do a real number on my head and stomach, which doesn't mean it's not a great scent. It's smells so pretty, but after a while it will begin to take effect and I will literally feel nauseous. I will give this to my daughter who loves musk scents. I don't think Ipsy reviews will be amazing for this perfume, even though it's nice, but it's also a very personal scent. Not everyone is going to love it, but we will definitely use it. 
Top Notes: sparkling Italian mandarin, Brazilian orange and fresh quince.
Heart Notes: heliotrope petals, tuberose, jasmine, camellia and Damask rose.
Drydown: creamy sandalwood, pale musk and a hint of tonka bean.

Next I got a very fancy looking Cargo Lip Gloss in a great travel size tube. The color is called Anguilla and it's beautiful!!! Makes me wish that I could wear this pink tone, but it's too light for me, I haven't even swatched it because I don't want to ruin the tube in case I give it away. I am a fan of Cargo Cosmetics so I am happy to have received this gloss. 

So pretty! I think this would look so pretty on tanned skin, unfortunately neither one of my girls like pink lippies.

Already the bag has been pretty awesome but what made it even better for me is the Luxie Beauty Large Angled Face Brush 504. I have one brush from Ipsy and it's been the item that I use the most from all my glam bags. It's really what I was most excited to receive. This brush is so beautiful, pink with rose gold accents!!! 

The last item in my February Ipsy Glam bag was one I got my points. I haven't had a lot of points lately and I always miss the good prizes, but I love these little hand creams and I had enough to pick one. I have two now and haven't used either, I like them because of the cute packaging and they look so nice on my makeup cabinet.

Overall this bag has been one of the best I've ever gotten from Ipsy and it might even be THE best. I loved the blush and the brush so much. The shadow is super pretty and I love the gloss even if I can't use it. This bag was just amazing!!!

FYI, in case you don't know. Ipsy is a monthly $10 subscription. It's a good deal for the money, there are good months and there are bad months, but it's always been a good value for what you get. I would suggest trying it out if you're curious, because you can cancel at anytime. Sign Up HERE.