7+ years of Selfies - Sammy Makes Six

7+ years of Selfies

Sammy is going to be 8 this March. My, how time flies! I get a lot of fun poked at me for the amount of selfies I take, but I'll tell you what. Selfies like these, and really all selfies, are a precious moment caught in time. They were moments when perhaps I felt a moment of happiness or I felt good about myself. Or they were moments that I wanted to capture with my child, either way however the selfie came to be I regret none of them. And one thing I'm super happy about is that the day that I'm gone my daughter will have so many pictures of us to look back on. This is something that I don't have of my childhood, I think the youngest picture I've ever seen of myself I was five, there are no snapshots of my childhood and no happy moments captured with my mom.

So forget what everybody else says about taking selfies, you go on and take as many selfies as you want. How great is it going to be too one day look back and have so many great and positive moments of yourself? I have seven years of incredible little moments with my daughter, and those are absolutely priceless!