December Boxycharm 2014 - Sammy Makes Six

December Boxycharm 2014

The long awaited Jingle Belles December Boxy Charm box has finally arrived at my house today and I can definitely say that it was worth the wait. I totally think Boxy Charm went out of their way to give us a great box compared to Ipsy, who again sent me a haircare item plus a skin care item. FYI: Boxycharm is a $21 per month subscription that features a mostly full sized products, in the 5 months I have been a member this is the only time I have ever received a travel size. 

Okay, so let's get to the goods in this December Boxycharm box. 

Eva NYC Hungry Hair Oil Treatment in a travel size with a value of $7-$12. Several products from this line where sent out for December and I am stoked to have received the hair oil. This is something I can put to use on my crunchy hair and even at 1.01oz it should last quite a while. I've heard rave reviews about this haircare line, so I am really looking forward to trying this product out in the next days.

The Mistura Beauty Solutions Retractable Beauty Brush with a value of $19.99 is not a good looking brush in my eyes, but it is a very convenient tool. I had one of these from Lancome for years and years and I used it every single day. I think the same will be the case with this brush. So far I have noted that I give a lot of use to brushes versus a lot of the makeup I have been getting in my monthly boxes, so this is very welcomed.

The Lina Lashes Luxury Mink Lashes valued at $30 are a first for me. I have NEVER worn a pair of false lashes in my life. These are Siberian Mink fur lashes that are gathered without harming the animals and hypo-allergenic. I have no idea if I will be keeping these or giving them out to my girls, in fact that will probably be the case. I think $30 lashes should be used and enjoyed, not chucked in a box which is what will happen if I were to keep them, so it will be best to decide which lucky girl will get them. 

I've never had good luck with Be a Bombshell, well maybe with the exception of ONE blush I own of theirs. But there was the gross mascara fiasco from Ipsy, then the shadow primer pot also from Ipsy that is in such a boring shade and now this very orangey-red lipstick called: The Hotness. It is such a strange, thick shape, way too big for your lips and then that color just makes my teeth super-duper yellow. I had SO been hoping the get the lipstick so many others got, but it was not meant to be! I will give this a real swatch later but first impressions were so NOT favorable. Really this should have been called HOT MESS. 

And of course I saved the best for last, the Coastal Scents Revealed Palette which is $19.99. I have been slowly growing my eyeshadow collection but do not happen to own another palette (correction I own the other Coastal Scents one sent a few months ago, no clue where I even have it). Okay, so I don't really own another palette, at least not one like this. When I saw the sneak peak I got excited because the shades are very beautiful, they look super wearable and it's just a good looking palette overall. I know I have also seen many rave reviews for this and even though I am not a master eye shadow applicator, I plan on really giving it a go. I'm sure with time and practice, I too can learn to apply eyeshadow!

Okay so this was my December Boxycharm box, such a great value for the $21 price tag. I will be canceling my Ipsy in February but I do not see myself canceling my Boxycharm, ever! If you would like to join head on over to this LINK and enter code RGs5V3d3UkZWS0tTSTFJaFhvcnIwSW00ajZQTVVPbFc=. If you have been looking for a monthly subscription box, I would say Boxycharm is the way to go.