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Clean That Epic Mess Fast & Easy

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I'm not usually embarrassed to share my life with you all, but today might just be the first time. I pride myself in being a neat person, not a super clean freak like my mom, but a neat and tidy person. I like to have everything in its place and I do a quick cleaning and vacuuming every other day. That's why I was completely shocked when I took my new Eureka SuctionSeal 2.0 vacuum for a spin yesterday and saw exactly how NOT clean my house really is. OMG, can you say gross? 

But before we get into my tale of just how epicly gross my house is, let's start at the beginning. I had a great Eaureka vacuum that I gave Munkey when she moved. To make it easier on myself purchased a small stick vacuum that was pretty inexpensive. Our place is small, and with only Adrian, Sam and myself, I didn't see the need to have spend more on a new one. It wasn't until I adopted little Rocky two months ago, that I realized this little stick vacuum was not going to cut it with all the fur she sheds. I headed to Walmart and purchase the new Eureka SuctionSeal 2.0 vacuum. This baby was right in the middle of the vacuuming aisle and it totally called my name when I saw that it has focus suction power on ALL of my surfaces. With the dog shedding all over the house, and three kinds of floors, I knew this needed to be our new vacuum. Currently on roll back from only $129 from $148.88, this vacuum is one to keep in mind for keeping the house clean during the holidays for sure. 

After using it a week, I am in love with this machine. Not only did I discover after the first vacuum (picture on top) that my house was NOT getting clean at all with the little stick vacuum, but we saw just how much fur the dog was shedding. I love the little dog, but I don't want to live with all of that fur all over the furniture and covering all the surfaces. I've been pulling out the Eureka SuctionSeal 2.0 to do a thorough cleaning every other day. 

It gets rid off all the small messes, like my little girls arts and crafts mess. It picks up bigger messes like oatmeal, coffee and cereal spills. The tool attachment lets me get to all those small places, and it gets all the cobwebs from up high. Plus it cleans the stairs really well, they get the most traffic in the house and can get pretty gross. 

And it does an incredibly thorough job cleaning all of the floors. The suction on this vacuum is so strong you can feel it when running it over a rug, and after that horrible picture above, we are finally starting to feel like the house is clean. 

Having a pet is nice, but we were not prepared for the fur and the pet dander. The Eureka SuctionSeal 2.0 has taken control of the issue and giving me peace of mind that all that fur is not floating around waiting to land on our food. NOW I know that I can welcome our family and friends during the holidays and that the house is actually clean! Got an epic mess like I did? Check out the Eureka SuctionSeal 2.0 at Walmart. Check out just how awesome it is at cleaning everyday epic messes. 

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