Going Dark for Fall w/ #Madison Reed - Sammy Makes Six

Going Dark for Fall w/ #Madison Reed

Thanks to Madison Reed for sponsoring this post and for giving me a new fall look. 

I have been so ready to change up my hair for fall. First I thought that I wanted to cut it, but having just cut four inches a few months ago I realized I did not want to go shorter. Instead I decided I wanted to finally get rid of those orange/yellow streaks that I have been sporting all year. I got the chance to try Madison Reed hair color and I was very excited because Madison Reed has taken all the bad-for-you chemicals and replaced them with ingredients like argan oil, keratin, and ginseng root. Summer was really hard on my hair and I was not looking forward to damaging it even more, finding a chemical free hair color that would not damage as much as regular color was a definite bonus. 

I received the luxurious hair coloring kit and was duly impressed with how carefully everything was packed, with every single item needed to provide a true spa-at-home experience. Taking advantage of Sammy being in school today, I decided to take the morning to treat myself by having a pumpkin latte tea and color my hair before she got home. The kit makes it so easy to do your own hair, with all of the instructions clearly marked and ready to make your experience super easy. The detailing that went into this coloring kit is amazingly well thought out.  

Already a pro at doing my own hair, I quickly mixed the product and soon was putting in my chosen color, Perugia Black, into my hair. I could not wait to see this darker fall hair on myself . This was the first time that I actually did not stain some part of my face when doing black hair color at home since the kit even had a barrier cream and a wipe for wiping off any accidents!

Thirty five minutes later and I was washing the color of with the Madison Reed shampoo and conditioner provided in the kit. It was then time to air dry and apply makeup so I could look see how it came out. I loved how easy it was to brush my hair out after drying and how soft my hair felt.

The Madison Reed hair color that they helped me pick out is a perfect shade of black that suits my skin tone just right. All those pesky grays that were right on my hairline in the front, GONE!!! And those golden orange streaks that made my hair look really dry and damaged also gone!


Doing my own hair coloring at home today was a lot of fun. The Madison Reed kit made my experience feel luxurious and pampering and really easy. I got a vibrant, shiny, healthy black color that I can rock this fall and winter and there were no chemicals to damage my locks any more than they already are. I really love the finished look and love how healthy my hair looks. What  hair color are you rocking this fall?
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