Wet n Wild Lac-My Mani Swatches - Sammy Makes Six

Wet n Wild Lac-My Mani Swatches

Two weeks ago I came upon the Limited Edition Wet n Wild Megalast All Access Beauty Collection for Fall 2014 Matt Polishes in Walgreens and I had to buy 5 of the 6 shades. Today I am sharing LAC-My Mani? 

LAC-My Mani? is an off white shade which really interested me since I have been seeing a lot of white polish lately. This is the first one that I grabbed out of the display and I could not wait to try it out. White is not a color that plays wonderfully with my skin tone, but lately I have been really getting out of my comfort zone and really branching out on new colors. For years I stuck to reds, burgundy's and really dark shades, and recently I am taking my love of polish to new heights and it's been fun. That's why I really love LAC-My Mani? 

LAC-My Mani? was a bit hard to work with. This formula is on the thick side and because of the wide brush and color, I had to move both fast and carefully trying to get the 3 coats on as thinly as possible. It took a bit longer to try because it is thicker, but nothing outrageous. After it dried and I cleaned it up a bit I totally loved the finished effect. LAC-My Mani? is not completely white, it's more of a vanilla white which looks really mod and cool. I think this is a perfect canvas for all those nail art ladies that can do so many great designs. 

After the third day, I found LAC-My Mani? started yellowing out, I don't know if it was something on my end but I did change it out at that point. But for the first two days I loved this color and how different my hands looked every time I looked at them.

I can definitely see myself pulling out LAC-My Mani? for those times when I am looking for something really different to wear, or when I am going to wear black and white because this polish is so very mod. So far, I am a fan of this Wet n Wild fall collection, I can't wait to try out and share the rest of the colors with you! 
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