#NOTD Sky Diving By Sephora Swatches - Sammy Makes Six

#NOTD Sky Diving By Sephora Swatches

Today I have a gorgeous cornflower blue nail color that I purchased at Sephora over the weekend. Having never tried the Sephora brand of polish, I was super curious to see how good it would be. When I was in Sephora I found a ton of different shades for only $1.99 a piece in the clearance section, I have no idea why I only grabbed two of them, but I am so glad that I got this color called Sky Diving because I am in love with it. 

First off I was surprised at how small Sephora Color Hit Nail Polishes are, you get .16 fl ounces at $5 a pop. Not the worlds most expensive polish but a lot considering they are so small. I definitely should have grabbed a lot more this weekend because there were so many beautiful shades!

Immediately upon opening my bottle to apply I was thrilled to find that these polishes have that great wide brush I love. This brush makes application so easy and fast! With Sky Diving you can do a really thick coat or apply two thinner coats, so the formula is very nicely pigmented.

The formula dried fast and I am on my 4th day wear with no chips. I love this color, I have really been gravitating towards blue polish this last year and this will probably be one of my favorites in the end. 

So far I am super pleased with my first foray into Sephora polishes. If I find them on sale again, I will totally grab a lot more! I actually do like this small size because it means I might actually finish it one day, but not at the $5 original price. But on sale I think it's a great deal! Are you a Sephora Color Hit Nail Polish lover?

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