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Tresor in Love Review & Thoughts

From the Lancome site: the spirit of the first moment of love. Fall head over heels with the luminosity of ripe fruits, the radiance of rose and jasmine, and the vibrant warmth of cedar wood and musk.

My favorite perfume of all time is Lancome's Poême, that was the first perfume that I ever happily dished out $100 for. Most recently I have come to LOVE La Vie Est Belle, which was the fragrance that I gifted myself last Christmas. This scent is so amazing, I can't get enough of it, I love it enough that I already purchased a backup, and my 1st bottle is 90% full.  I saw a really good deal and got the second bottle even though I won't be using it soon. But I know eventually I will get to it, and I ended up paying almost half of the regular price! This girl right here can NOT pass up a good deal. Nope. 

During my frequent YouTube watching I started hearing about Tresor in Love and so many people had great things to say about it, so for my birthday I asked Adrian for it. This scent is a lot more affordable then either Poême or La Vie Est Belle but it's still $60 for the 1.7 oz bottle. When a fragrance costs $60, I want to love this fragrance, a lot. I want to be able to spray it on without worrying about cost, because I love it so much. But from the very first time I sprayed it, as soon as it arrived, I did not fall in love with it. 

Don't get me wrong, it is a beautiful scent. But I think it's the very light notes of musk that ruin it for me. I am not a fan of musk, it makes me light headed and gives me nausea. In this perfume, those notes are so light that they don't bother me that way, but it keeps me from loving it. I have also noticed that it doesn't have great staying power. I can spray La Vie Est Belle on myself one morning and still smell lingering notes the next morning, while Tresor in Love seems to fade in 2-3 hours. 

Let's talk about presentation. How incredibly gorgeous is this bottle? I could literally stare at it all day. It is absolutely beautiful and the rose detail gives it such a sweet touch. It's such a chic and elegant bottle that it is perfect to leave out on your nightstand where everyone can see it, or where you can see it all the time. You really can't expect anything less from Lancome, I have always been in love with their designs and how much care and thought goes into their packaging. 

Tresor in Love has a partner bottle that looks very similar but is purple. That one is called Midnight Rose I think and though I don't know the notes, I do not like that one at all. My last trip to Sephora I tested it out to see if I wanted to exchange it and no, it is one of those really dark, musky scents. I'm more of a fruity, floral, sweet scent lover.

I still have my bottle and I am going to return it. I'm a bit sad because it's just so beautiful and from my favorite brand. It's also a good scent. But I know that I will not be completely happy with a perfume that I like versus one I love. And since the staying power doesn't seem to be there for me either, well then it has to go back. But it's not going to be easy. These are my thoughts on Tresor in Love, I'd love to think what you think of it if you have it. Are you in love with Tresor in Love or are you in like? 
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