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Prepping for a Chamomile Makeover

This is part of a sponsored campaign with Charmin and Latina Mom Bloggers. However, all opinions expressed are my own.

Scent is a big part of our everyday lives. It is something so strong that a scent can actually take you back to a different time, place or moment. When I was little there were many scents in my home. The scent of te de manzanilla almost always boiling on the stove, the smell of my moms favorite lemon furniture polish is also one that really triggers many memories for me.  My mom was not a candle lover, or a spray fan either, but our house always smelled so clean and fresh with all the underlying scents of the products she used and then the amazing food she cooked for us. These are scents that have become a part of my household now that I have my own family. You will always see me buy the same furniture polish, the same pine scented floor cleaner and of course I am still a big fan of chamomile tea (te de manzanilla). This is a scent that will always remind me of home and it's such a soothing scent that it makes perfect sense to bring that peaceful aroma to the room in the house that needs it the most, the bathroom. America's most popular toilet paper for more than 25 years is launching new Charmin plus the scent of Chamomile to give you comfort for all of your senses.

My bathroom is not a very exciting space nor is it terribly comforting. But it is the spot where the kids love to take hour long baths and where sometimes they will all be shoved in waiting for their turn. I would love to take this small space and give it a more comforting and homey feel so that when they are in there, they can have the great scent of chamomile to make their bath more relaxing. My bathroom definitely needs a little makeover just to make it more cozy and comfortable for all of us. Each roll of this Charmin  has the scent of chamomile added to the tube to create a bathroom experience that soothes all the senses, while still providing the strong quality Charmin toilet paper you know and trust.

Charmin with the scent of Chamomile is going to help me upgrade my bathroom experience. I'm going to be adding that as well as some other little touches to it, that will make it look and smell, so much better. Stay tuned for my bathroom makeover which I will be revealing soon. Meanwhile find out more about Charmin with the scent of chamomille by visiting Charmin online and by following them on Charmin Facebook

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