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My Family Tree #SurNameProject

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My family is fairly small, at least the family that I know of. I've always wished that my girls had a larger family to surround them, more people than just me and my one sister to count on in case of some emergency. Not just for that either, since we are not close to the girls fathers side of the family, I would love for them to have just a larger circle of family. It's during moments like holidays, birthdays and special occasions, that it hits us how lonely it is not having a large family around us. Having always been curious as to where the rest of our family is, I was excited to try finding them by taking advantage of the free 14 day trial. Let me tell you that I was not prepared for just how much information this site has available! I've been tinkering on it for about a week and every time I spend some time on it, I find new information, including high school year book photos and old military records!!

I have putting together my family tree and the going is a bit slow for me, but I found so much information about the girls dad side of the family. They have all been in the military so there is so much information to be found and so many documents that I can save for them. If you haven't checked our and would like to know more about your family roots, I urge you to check it out today. Take the 14 day free trial and just insert your surname so you can see how much info can be found, I think you will be amazed!

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