Maybelline ColorShow Coral Crush Swatches - Sammy Makes Six

Maybelline ColorShow Coral Crush Swatches

This week I found Maybelline Color Show Polish for only $1.99 at Walgreens so I took advantage and purchased three to add to the other three I own already. The color that I had been eyeing for a while now is Coral Crush and it is just as amazing as I knew it would be. I love coral lips, coral nails and just the color coral, I even had some coral Toms for a while. So when I find a coral polish that has a good formula, I tend to get super excited.

There is not much to say about this polish besides that the color is amazing, leaning a little towards a pinky coral. I did three coats and I did notice the formula was a tad bit lumpy, meaning the bottle is probably older. I am planning to buy a polish thinner for this type of issue since I now have a few lumpy polishes. But once you get the 2-3 coats on it such a pretty shade that I could not help but take a ton of pics. I love how these outdoor ones allow you to really appreciate the color. 

This formula has plenty of shine and seems to stay on pretty well too. 

I am a huge fan of Coral Crush and I have two more polishes to swatch for you next week. I love that Maybelline Color Show polishes are pretty affordable, especially if you find a sale like I did and I love the color selection. I'll see you soon with another swatch post. Have an amazing Labor Day weekend!
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