Bath & Body Works Haul - Sammy Makes Six

Bath & Body Works Haul

I got a new little Bath & Body Works haul today that made me very happy. I don't post all my hauls for B&BW because there are too many, but today's haul is a very neat little one I made last week.

I ended up spending very little on this haul (somewhere around $34) because I had a $10 off a purchase of $30 coupon and free shipping. 

I made a trip to Bath & Body Works one day specifically to check out the new Artisan Scents and I could not believe that I didn't really love any of them. Actually wait, maybe I can believe it because I also loved NONE of the summer scents that they had for $6 for so long. The only one of the Artisan Scents that caught my eye was the Lemon Pomegranate scent and not really in the spray which I found too lemony, instead I loved it in the cream version. When I found out these 8 fl oz bottles were on sale for $5 I had Jack pop in and get me two. Then when she got home and I smelled them again, I went online and placed this order and got two more! This scent is amazing, I kid you not, go smell it yourself and see just how incredible it is, plus how gorgeous is this presentation! The Lemon Pomegranate Cream smells like sugared lemons to me, I am obsessed with it!

Another thing I had to order asap that day was some Hawaii body lotions. I had one which I had gotten as a freebie and China asked me for it so I wanted to replace it, but when we had gone into the store we found out they were g.o.n.e! The only Hawaii scent which is permanent in the line is going to be Oahu so the other two scents had already been shipped back to the warehouse. The entire Hawaii line was a favorite at my house this summer so I was so happy to find that some were still available online.  I decided to get the three girls a travel duo of the scent versus the larger bottles and told them to enjoy it because it could be the last time we have access to it. 

Last fall I discovered Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin and it is one of my favorite scents of all time,  so I had to get these hand creams from the fall line. I got to cinnamon and one Crisp Morning Air which also smells just like fall in a very outdoorsy way. These were 3-$10 and are super moisturizing!

This was my little "waiting on fall" haul, I should be making another these next weeks, I want to get some of the fall candles and am just waiting on a good promo code or coupon. I am such a fan of Bath & Body Works I just can't help buying so much stuff, especially since my favorite season is on the horizon! Come on fall, we are waiting on you!

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