A Yummy Snack for Back to Class - Sammy Makes Six

A Yummy Snack for Back to Class

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Last week was an emotional for me, it was Sammy's first day back-to-school. I know she's already seven, not quite a baby anymore, and already going to second grade not kinder, but it was not easy for me to drop her that first day. As I stood there waiting for her to go into her new classroom all I could feel was sadness. My summer pal, assistant and partner in crime was gone, back to her 7 hours in school. We had gotten so used to being alone (her dad still in Mexico) just the two of us all summer, and it was so not easy leaving her school that day and knowing I would not see her for so many hours. But I know I am not the only parent who got teary eyed, I saw many moms that were in exactly the same boat. These kids are our babies and even when they become teens, that first day of class is never going to be easy. 

My babies school does not offer a lunch program, I have to send her a snack as well as a lunch every day and since she is such a picky eater, it's one of the areas we really struggle. Why are kids such picky eaters? I can't count the times that Sammy has brought back almost her entire lunch pack full, and the excuses: the fruit was soggy, the carrots smelled funny, the chips were stale or she didn't have time to eat! That's the real winner considering they have a 45 lunch period. 

In order to make sure that she gets something to eat inside of her, I have to pack her lunch box full of different snacks and drinks. I will send a separate baggie containing the sandwich or wrap, which will most likely be coming back, but if I pack carefully at least all the snacks will be eaten. This ensures she gets home alive and then I can struggle to get some real food into her.

One thing that Sammy has loved since she was a baby is the Del  Monte 4-pack Fruit Cups, especially the mandarins. This is a for sure in her lunch sack every day. I add a couple of packs of Del Monte Fruit Burst Squeezers, she loves the apple-cinnamon flavor. This one is easier for her to open on her own than the fruit cup, so she usually finishes both. Then I add two different flavored juice packs, some cheese snacks and either a string cheese or frozen yogurt. It's quite a mixture, but with her variety is important so that she can actually eat some of it. 

When you have a picky eater like this one, you have to find a way around her and Del Monte snacks are definitely kid approved. Walmart has the lowest price on these so it's easy to pack her lunch every day with plenty of these goodies. 

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Sammy has been missing her daddy so much, I had them print one of her favorite shots of them together. Hopefully he will be home soon so he she can go to school a little bit happier each day. We are on the second week and already I am so tired! But Del Monte is helping me give my baby a healthy and yummy snack and we are slowly adjusting to the new routine, so I guess we will be okay. How are you handling the kids return to school?
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