When You Want Fresh AND Easy - Sammy Makes Six

When You Want Fresh AND Easy

Today's post is sponsored by Fresh & Easy, however all opinions are my own.

As you know because I am always sharing this info, I am not big into cooking. Even if I had the time to prepare three meals a day plus snacks, it's not something that I enjoy doing. And when you're so crazy busy as I am, food is not really the priority anyways. But that is so unfair to Sam, who needs to eat regular meals and wonders how mom can pass the day with a cup of coffee and a jug of sweet tea. So because of my child, I try to at least keep a well stocked pantry and fridge, filled with easy to make meals that even someone as busy as I can make super fast. 

This is why I love me some Fresh & Easy. My town actually had two of them and recently one closed but we were lucky enough not to lose the second store. When I am looking for fresh, easy meal ideas for me and the kiddo, this is my favorite place to shop. 

I'm not just talking dinner ideas either, I love how many lunch combinations you can find at Fresh & Easy. These are so perfect for on-the-go or for people like me, who don't have a lot of time but want to enjoy something that is not fast food. This is where Sam and I both picked out our lunch for the next day. Getting some fruit into the kid is easy when it involves granola and yogurt!

Sweet Tea, my favorite! So refreshing for these hot Inland Empire days. 

After picking out some drinks and lunch for the next day we went to check the many dinner ideas. Everything looked so delicious!

Pizza! We have pizza a few times a week, but I don't believe we've ever had any of these, just look at those toppings. 

The variety of items is huge too, Chicken Alfredo and Spring Rolls...! 

The best part about all of these meals is that you just have to heat them up. There is no slaving in the kitchen, there is no shopping for ingredients, and there is no prep. Just heat and enjoy! Now that, is MY KIND OF COOKING!

You can do your entire grocery shopping at Fresh & Easy or you can just pop in for quick lunch and a drink. I love how quickly I can get in and out of there even when I only have a few minutes to shop. Remember though, Fresh & Easy is only located in California, Nevada and Arizona, but if you are lucky enough to live by one, I suggest you go and check it out. Don't forget to check out the fruits and veggies too, it's my favorite part of the store.  

Sam and I grabbed our lunches, drinks and of course candy, and had ourselves a great little picnic at home the next day. The Chicken & Waffle Sandwich was SO good, I totally recommend it. Looking for fresh and easy meals ideas? Find a Fresh & Easy in your area and go get you some!