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Stayfree And Keep Moving

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Being mom to my 5 girls and grandmother to all the little ones, means that I am busy all day, every day. With the arrival of summer, the days only got more hectic because now the children are home all day long. I love my family to death of course, but sometimes I feel like I live in the L.A. Zoo! Last night it was past 2 when I finally hit the sack, and then I had to be up bright and early for a Twitter party. It's moments like this that I truly wish I could clone myself. But even with all my kids, and now their kids, this lady right here has always managed to get everything done. I have to, there are no sick days for moms, you know that already if you have kids. Even on those days when my period arrives, I have to keep moving because that to-do-list is not getting any shorter. So how do I do it?

1: Planning - the only way you can run a tight ship when you don't have any help is to plan accordingly. My planner is my best friend as are my to-do lists.
2: Stay healthy - If I get sick there is no one to take over for me. I drink my water, take vitamins and I try to keep a balanced diet. I am also hoping to join a gym very soon for some much needed exercise. This is not something I am particularly looking forward to but I just turned 41 and I need to pay more attention to my body's health as well.
3: Me time - As busy as I get, I make time for myself. There is no way to keep a sane head if all you do is work, so even if it is just a precious 30 minutes, I close the door to my room and enjoy some me time every single day, or I go shopping for a few hours!

4: Protection - when mother nature comes calling, I have to have products that will keep me protected from any sort of accident. Stayfree Overnight Maxi Pads are my preferred overnight protection.

5: Pamper myself - for many years I gave in to the whole idea of not pampering myself with my favorite products, only buying special things for my girls and the kids. Then one day I realized that I need to pamper myself more than they do in fact. I am the one that works, I am the one that does not stop all day. Why couldn't I have all those special treats that I had been coveting? Now I have my favorite perfumes, bright summer lipsticks and other little things that make my days so much better. A lot of times in life, it's about the little things.

6: Shop alone - Usually doing the shopping for the month can be a chore, but now I actually look at this time as some extra free time for myself. Instead of dragging the whole crew with me to Walmart, where they will ask for everything and drive me insane the whole while, I go alone. I swear to you, it is like a vacation. I grab a cup of sweet tea, I walk around the aisles looking at all the new stuff and I take my time. Walking around an air conditioned store with only yourself as company, can be quite soothing when your life is so crazy.

When I am alone even shopping for feminine care can be fun. And because all of us always get our periods around the same time, I always stock up on the jumbo sizes of Stayfree Ultra Thin Regular and Stayfree Overnight plus my preferred pain medication which is like $2.50 at Walmart.

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Do my children notice that I am gone for two hours at Walmart and that I have not answered any of their texts? Yes they do, but it's okay. Those trips actually refresh me and allow me to come back and hit work with more energy and in a much better state of mind. Plus since I am a fabulous shopper, I am always bringing everyone back something they love or asked for. This momma is a good momma and very considerate of everyone and I love to treat them to the best brands. That's why I work so hard, you know? Life isn't getting any easier or any less hectic, it's just about learning to ride the wave and stay standing. Don't let anything keep you down, ain't no one got time for that! Stayfree and keep moving ladies, because the world is not going to conquer itself!
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