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Lights, Fun & Action w/ Duracell

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This week Sammy and I put together two disaster kits filled Duracell batteries and all the things we need in the event of a storm, natural disaster or blackout. Luckily we live in California and not in another state where disasters are almost an every day thing. But even living in California we have our share of natural occurrences. Two months ago we went through one of the strongest Santa Ana wind storms I have ever been through. It's always windy here, because we live in a valley, but we are talking about a storm that brought four days of 30-40 mile per hour winds. It was so bad that schools had to be cancelled for two days and in the end the two biggest trees on our property didn't make it, which was pretty much the same fate as 50% of the trees in our town. We spent the next week cleaning up, replacing fences and doing major vacuuming of every crevice in the house. It was a pretty smooth ending to something that was so scary and could have been so much worse.

If that storm taught me anything, it was that we have to be prepared at all times for a disaster. When it happened I didn't have anything ready for when we lost power on the second day. We had just moved so I didn't even have the usual candles to light. I felt so awful for not having had a disaster preparedness kit at the ready and a rough trip to the store right in the middle of the storm was something I never want to repeat. I've lived in Hawaii, where it is ingrained in you to always have extra everything in case of a tsunami or storm. How could I have gotten so comfortable with myself to not even have batteries and flashlights? 

That's why one of this summer's activities with Sammy has been to go to Walmart and put together our disaster kits. I concentrated on the kit for the household and Sammy concentrated on hers. My list included these items and more:
  • a first aid kit
  • extra Duracell Coppertop batteries
  • a portable charger for each cell phone
  • copies of important documents in a binder
  • a handwritten list of all phone numbers
  • a small bag for each of us filled with clothes
  • 3 day food supply
  • battery operated radio

For Sammy we put together a storm kit that is sure to keep her occupied even during the worst event. I put everything in a small container that she can carry on her own and we filled it with plenty of fun items that will keep her busy and entertained. 
  • coloring books
  • cute flashlight of her own
  • battery powered walkie talkies
  • glow in the dark bracelets
  • Barbie
  • other small toys
  • and plenty of Duracell backups so she can keep her things going all through the storm.

Now Sammy will have all kinds of fun items so she can enjoy herself instead of worrying about the storm. 

Walmart always has the best prices and you can find plenty of Duracell Coppertop Batteries and Duracell Quantum Batteries. I stocked up on the sizes we use the most for all of our battery powered items. Next time a storm hits our area, we won't be in the dark because now we have plenty of Duracell batteries to light the way. Have you prepared your household for a natural disaster?

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