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Tons of Surprise and Delight Items At Walmart Neighborhood Market Jurupa Valley

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What makes a store special? For me it's finding a store that gives me more than I was expecting. Whether it be in lower prices, larger inventory or by offering me items I didn't expect to find but that delighted and surprised me. That is what Walmart Neighborhood Market did last week. I went in to this new store in Riverside County with the mindset that it would be pretty much like every other Walmart I have been to. I have two Walmart Supercenters in my area, so I didn't think that I was in for many surprises. But I found many foods and snacks that I look for as a Latina, and these are items that you can't find just anywhere. Normally to find these items I have to visit a Latino market separately. But most of the time I like to get my shopping done in one grocery store. Really, who has time to visit multiple stores? Not me!

Bolillos. We buy bolillos once a week at the panaderia. My mom uses them for everything. I love to fill them up with queso fresco and salsa. Sometimes simple is just better. 

Up front I also found the frijoles, lentejas,and chile de arbol that my mom uses to make the spiciest hot sauce you have ever had. 

Tajin! This is a staple in Latino households and I loved these minis for on-the-go. No it is NOT AT ALL strange for you to pull out a mini bottle of Tajin when you are out. Heck, we're Mexican and that''s what we do. 

The meat section is pretty killer too. I admit, I am not a big meat eater. But one of my girls is and so is my mom, so we are always looking for family sized meat deals and there was a very nice selection to pick from.

Okay so as much as I don't like meat, I love cheese! I could literally live off of cheese, bread and coffee for the rest of my life. Walmart Neighborhood Market in Jurupa Valley has a queso selection that rivals a Mexican grocery store. Featuring Los Altos cheese, you can buy straight from the cheese counter or you can buy pre-packed as well. 

This is heaven...

As if that was not enough, how about some Crema Mexicana?

I am delighted with this selection of Latino products, I really am. I love that Walmart took the time to research their customer base for this store and that they have provided locals with so many items you don't normally see in a Walmart. I even found some empanadas in the donut, bread cart/display thingy. 

It's safe to say that I was more than impressed with this store. I'm hoping and crossing my fingers that one will open closer to my area. With all of the grocery shopping that I do, I need a store like this in my immediate area. 

Visit the Walmart Neighborhood Market in Jurupa Valley and stay in touch with their Facebook page for sales and store news.