Passion For The Game Brings Us Closer - Sammy Makes Six

Passion For The Game Brings Us Closer

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GOALLLL!!! The scream heard round the world. My family loves to get together to watch the big soccer matches and to root for our favorite teams. Even the little ones get into the action and passion of futbol, it's so hard not to when everyone is talking about it! The two kiddos even have their own team they are rooting for, and they are so proud to be wearing those colors to show the world their support. That is exactly why this is such an exciting time and such a great time for familias to enjoy together. These games bring out so much passion and so much love, not just for our own teams but for those of our familias and companeros. So when I was supper giddy that my team had scored 3 golazos and did a tremendous job, the kids and family celebrated with me that night. When the children's team advanced, we all cheered with them and will be celebrating with an ice cream party this evening to mark this special occasion. While we are on pins and needles waiting for both of our teams to play again, we are enjoying watching the other matches, practically having a heart attack every time the ball gets near the goal. This weekend is going to be especially tense for me, but we would not miss it for the world.
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El amor al futbol es algo que une la familia y a todo el mundo. The love and passion for soccer is something that brings everyone together. The further your team goes, the closer you get, and here's to hoping that our teams can get to the very end!