My first #Birchbox May 2014 - Sammy Makes Six

My first #Birchbox May 2014

During the month of May I decided to take advantage of a $5 Birchbox subscription that I saw on Facebook. You know I have mixed reviews of my Ipsy first and second month's subscriptions, so I just wanted to see how Birchbox was different. I signed up at the very tail end of May but I still got a May box,  and this is what I got.

I love the presentation of this box which came in a larger box so this one would not get damaged. The design of the box, the lining and the tissue really made me feel like it was something special I was opening. The liner and SPF came in the smaller blue envelope which also has a logo and even the month of the box. That is a lot of attention to detail and none of it escaped me. They've done a fantastic job in designing the presentation of Birch boxes and I def appreciate it.

My first product is the Perlier Intense Nurturing Body Balm. This is larger than a sample size, more like a travel size and I was excited to see this. I never splurge on higher end body care of any type and right now I am suffering from major dryness in my hands, arms and elbows so I tried this out the very next day. It has a scent that is a bit overpowering, but it's not sweet, not sure if it's almonds since it is made with almond milk but it does smell a bit strong at first. However, it really made my skin feel great and I would def consider buying the full size which is about $24.50.

Next I got the Beauty Protector Protect & Detangle Leave in Conditioner. This smells like cupcakes and as soon as I opened the box I could smell it. I have not tried it yet but I love this bottle! My favorite color red, cute design and the black detailing. I'm going to get ready right now to go out so I will try it after I wash my hair and let you know what I think later. Full price for this is $21.95.

The only small sample in my box was this Supergoop SPF. Not much to say, I will give this to my daughters when they are going out in the sun with no makeup. Or maybe I will save it for Sammy. This item is okay, nothing exciting but something I can def use. Full size price is $19.00.

Next I got this perfume sample of Hello by Harvey Prince. I like this type of sampler that has a sprayer on it and I adore fragrance so this was happily received. If I always had a perfume sample in my boxes, I would probably be happy with it because it's a great way to try new scents. I did sample it earlier today and it is a citrus scent, I happen to love citrus scents but this one is not very sweet and I didn't like it too much. It doesn't smell bad at all and I will use the rest but it's just not my type of scent. Full price is $55.

Lets take a moment just to enjoy the beauty that is this Cynthia Rowley Beauty Eyeliner. This is where Birchbox got me. I love eyeliner as you might know, I mean when I die I am taking a liner with me, that's how much I love liner. And this is such a beautiful liner. I haven't even had the chance to try it yet but the reviews on the Birchbox site are super positive. I'm also going to try it today, and I will post my thoughts on Instagram later. The full price of this liner is only $16, which is less than the Urban Decay liner I got from Ipsy which I was not over the moon about, so we shall see with this one. 

Overall I am very happy with my first Birchbox. Even though I have yet to try a few of the products, I am happy with the array of items, the brands and the presentation. 

I did cancel almost as soon as I ordered but now that I actually got the box, I am considering giving them a try for realsies. For me, this box knocked the Ipsy May box right out of the water. Have you tried Birchbox?