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La Abuela Lola Who Tells It Like It Is #LolaTalks

This is part of a sponsored collaboration with Being Latino and Oscar Mayer. However, all opinions expressed are my own.

I didn't get a chance to grow up with my abuela by me. But my girls and all my nieces and nephews, are getting the opportunity to have their abuelita living and very close to them. And my mom is exactly the abuela enojona stereotype. She is the serious lady that doesn't mess around or give too many compliments, instead she tells it like it is. When I was a teenager she would always tell me to find a man who would take care of me so I could keep being the lazy person I already was. When I found him, she would then tell me to stop being sloppy and make myself look good for him daily so he wouldn't leave me. I used to get so mad at her as I juggled my three small kids and pregnant belly, but my mom had the right idea, and she understands men really well. I just wished she had gotten her messages across in a nicer way. Even though my mom has never mastered the art of making anyone feel better, at least she tells it exactly like it is. Then you can just take her "constructive criticism" and do something positive with it.

Have you seen the new Oscar Mayer commercials with Abuela Lola? This is exactly my mom!! I laughed so hard when I saw the one where she asks the husband who is fixing the tire if they should call someone who knows about men stuff. LOL. My mom is exactly the same! But you have to love her, even when you want to strangle her. 

abuela lola

Oscar Mayer is very much part of my family. Like my daughter likes to tell people, they are the ones that taught her how to spell bologna. And Oscar Mayer Deli Fresh is the turkey that we use everyday to make our sandwiches and tortas. If you know my family personally, you know we live off of sandwiches. Oscar Mayer Deli Fresh comes in a see through container so you can see exactly what you are getting, and Oscar Mayer Deli Fresh meats are tender and thinly sliced, packed and sealed at the peak of freshness perfect for making the most delicious sandwiches. My families favorite is always the Honey Smoked Turkey Breast, they like it so much they can even eat the slices alone! But I love making it with all of the trimmings, including tomato, jalapenos and avocado, Yum!

Our Oscar Mayer is transparent just like Lola, what you see is what you get! Abuelas who tell it like it is are the best kinds! Follow Lola on Facebook and see what shell say next Do you have a Abuela Lola in your family who tells it like it is but out of love and never to be mean?