Keeping Your Man Cool and Collected w/ Degree & $50 GC Giveway #HazMásConDegree - Sammy Makes Six

Keeping Your Man Cool and Collected w/ Degree & $50 GC Giveway #HazMásConDegree

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I've been with Adrian now for over 8 years, that is such a long time! While our relationship is not absolutely perfect, I do enjoy having him around. He is totally different from the man that I had always imagined myself with. He is older than me by ten years, he likes none of the same music that I do and we are so different from each other in every other way too. But maybe that's what makes it work for us. While I am always super anxious, he is overly relaxed. While I am always in a hurry, he is always taking his time. And while I am not the most attentive to Sam because I am usually so busy, he is one of the best dads ever. 

Another good thing about Adrian is that he is a lot more active than I am, which gets me off my butt a lot more too. He's not much for staying at home on weekends or evenings, preferring instead to go out and enjoy life. It can be as simple as taking a walk down the street after dinner, going up to Idillwild for the weekend or taking off for Vegas on a two day notice. The point is to get away from the monotony of being at home and getting out to enjoy the world. I still laugh at the time he made us join the gym only to have to leave a week later to work in Mexico for a few months, and me and the girls only went back two times in the entire time he was gone. What a waste of money that was! When he came back he wasn't too happy that we had been unable to follow his lead, but he then found other ways for us to get that exercise in instead. 

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So how do I keep this great guy protected from sweat and the stinkies?  Degree Deodorant, with new MOTIONSENSE™ technology is designed to protect for up to 48 hours. It responds to your body so the more you move, the more in protects. So even in the hot and humid temperatures of Chiapas, Mexico, where he is currently working, he can be cool and confident. When he comes back to the IE where it is now almost 100 degrees daily, he'll be nice and protected as well. 

Degree is an official sponsor of the Mexican National Team. Together with Walgreens and the Mexico National Team, Degree will be giving FREE gifts when you purchase Degree Deodorant on June 29th, 2014 (12pm - 4pm). Only select store will be offering this promotion, check your zipcode below to find out which location near you will be hosting this promotion.

Degree with improved MOTIONSENSE™ technology is keeping Adrian cool and confident. One of my readers is going to win a $50 Walgreens gift card so they can try some of this product out for their man too. There will be enough left over so they can get themselves some goodies too. I love Walgreens!