Come Inside With Me! New Walmart Neighborhood Market in Jurupa #GOWalmart #WMT5663 - Sammy Makes Six

Come Inside With Me! New Walmart Neighborhood Market in Jurupa #GOWalmart #WMT5663

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I live in Riverside county and with such a big family to feed, I am in the grocery store multiple times a week. My favorite grocery store is always Walmart. But let's be honest, walking into a Walmart Supercenter isn't usually quick and easy. I always go in with the intention of only buying groceries and two hours later I come out with clothes, toys, household goods and tons of other things that were not on my shopping list. I think this happens to all of us right?  That's why when I heard about the new Walmart Neighborhood Market in Jurupa I had to find out more about it. A Walmart with a focus on fresh, affordable groceries?! A Walmart where I can walk in and concentrate on my grocery list plus get the same low Walmart prices I am used to? Let's go check this store out.

Off Limonite in Jurupa Valley, this store is about 25 minutes away from me. I was thrilled to see that they chose an existing building that had stood empty for some time for their store. This is a huge deal when you live in a small town that is struggling in this economy. The Walmart Neighborhood Market has brought much needed jobs and will help bring new traffic in to this plaza and the surrounding businesses which are sure to see a boost in sales. The Walmart Neighborhood Market is going to breathe new life into this community and I know they are very excited to be a part of this wonderful town.

Once inside I went immediately to the one area of the store that I really wanted to see, the fruit and produce section. This is how I judge a store. Do they have fresh fruits and veggies? Do they have a good selection? And very importantly, can I afford them? Some stores make fresh fruit seem like a luxury, and it shouldn't be. We all want to give our families the freshest fruits and vegetables, and we want to be able to fit it into our budget. The selection in the produce section and the prices are both fantastic. 

The kids just got out of class and we have a full summer ahead where oranges and bananas like this will be in high demand.

What about drinks! The children go through drinks more than anything else. In the Inland Empire summer has officially arrived and when it is this hot, you need a lot of water, juice, and other drinks to keep everyone hydrated. The Minute Maid drinks I buy were only $1.25. This is a major stocking up price for us.

We are having a party next weekend so I was excited to see the low prices on soft drinks, chips and other snacks. I feel really accomplished anytime I can throw a party for the family without overspending. And this summer is going to be filled with parties.

So far this Walmart Neighborhood Market has my groceries covered. But what if I need household cleaners and some personal items too? 

Those are here too! While this new store does not have all the departments of a Walmart Supercenter, they do have the household and personal items you usually grab on a grocery run. Even though there is no electronics section, you can purchase an electronics item on and have it shipped to this store for pickup. That is super convenient if you live in the area and don't want to pay to ship to your house.  

Don't forget the pharmacy!

While I was there I saw and heard how excited the locals where to see the low prices and selection. I know many of the women where very excited as I was, about the produce and meat departments. One lady I talked to told me that she was stocking up on meat for her grandsons bautizo in two weeks and that she had found some good sales. Another lady said the whole family was coming back on Saturday for the grand opening event and to shop the grand opening deals, she was just the ground troop that had been sent ahead to scope it out. These ladies were as happy and excited as I was to see the amazing prices. Everyone loves a good deal!

You too can join the festivities this Saturday from 12-3:00 outside the store:

    • Mariachi Band
    • Facepainting
    • Free Samples from favorite brands
    • Free food
    • Great Grand Opening ONLY deals

I hope you can make it with the family. Get to know this Walmart Neighborhood Market and take advantage of this new Walmart style that will make shopping more convenient. I personally loved the store and will be stopping by when I am close by. I heard there are many more coming to the area, so I am crossing my fingers that Hemet will get one too. 

8844 Limonite Ave, Riverside, California 92509