A Treat For Me Daisy by Marc Jacobs - Sammy Makes Six

A Treat For Me Daisy by Marc Jacobs

This Mother's Day I started a new tradition just like the one I started in December, I got myself a gift. I've always loved perfume and I used to spend so much money and had tons of them before, but in recent years lost most of my collection (to my mom) and I had given up on getting more. But just like in December, I decided to treat myself to a scent I really had been wanting instead of getting lot of little things and I decided to get this beautiful bottle of Daisy. I'd been eyeing this for some time, just as I am now eyeing Honey, one of the other Marc Jacobs scents. There is just something about this bottle that makes me so happy and even when I am having a bad day, a few sprays of this scent can totally cheer me up. The scent is floral but not sweet and for me very reminiscent of Estee Lauder Pleasures. 

So I'm loving my new fragrance and I am so loving this beautiful bottle. I have it on my nightstand and it never fails to make me happy to look at it!