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A Skin Care Line For Him

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One of the things I liked about Adrian when I first met him was how relaxed he was. Such a contradiction to my always on-the-go and crazy self. Not just relaxed either, he is a super patient guy who can take us shopping and spend his day waiting while the girls decide what to get. Another thing and probably what was the hook for me, is that he is a gentleman. I didn't even know that those existed anymore. A man who opens your door, pulls out your chair and always takes care of you, instead of vice versa? Not only is this rare to find but super rare in a Mexican guy. Most Mexican men are used to the women being the one that takes care of them and the house, which telling the truth he came from a relationship that was just like that, but soon figured out that things where going to be much different with me. There's never been a complaint as to why I don't cook or why I don't tend to him, instead he is always cooking up Mexican dishes and making sure to keep Sammy busy while I work. He is a good guy and I don't give him enough credit, I really don't.

This year he got to go to work in Mexico right before Father's Day so Sammy and I went shopping to find him a small gift for when he arrives. I know he needed a new cologne since he had finished his last one right before leaving and we found one that he is going to love. In addition to this, he is getting the NEUTROGENA MEN® skincare line which happens to be the #1 skincare line for men. And you know what? He is going to love it because he is one of those guys that takes care of his skin. You can really tell because even though he is 50, you would never guess it by looking at him. He is always taking care of himself, never lets his weight get too high by staying active and he really does care to have a good appearance. I find it reassuring to know that when we get older he is going to be the attractive, tall, well taken care of guy next to me.

From the NEUTROGENA MEN® set I am most excited about the Triple Protect Face Lotion SPF 20 which is only a super affordable $6.99. We currently use the same moisturizer, I kid you not. And even though I don't really mind sharing with him, he showers a lot so he uses a lot more than me and there are moments I get resentful knowing he is finishing my cherished products. Now he will have his own. NEUTROGENA MEN® Triple Protect Face Lotion is going to soothe razor irritation, heal his dry skin and at the same time defend it against free radicals and environmental damage. I also think he's going to totally dig the Invigorating Face Wash which has an amazingly refreshing scent. He's going to enjoy having his own skin care products!

Sam and I are both excited for Adrian to return next month. She already has everything packaged up and ready to give him as soon as he arrives. Two months sure go by slowly when you're so far away from someone don't they? We can't wait for him to come home!