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5 Tips For Staying On Track With Five Hour Energy #ThisIsMySecret

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Kids are officially home for summer, and even though technically it's not that long, it's going to feel like a long one! My Sammy got off only two weeks ago and as much as I want to spend hours and hours of fun summer time with her, I am crazy busy with work. But my baby is only off for 11 weeks, and that means that I still have to make her summer special, and we still have to fit in as many activities as possible into her days. All this while working 9-10 hours per day. Is it possible? It is! I'm not saying it's going to be easy and I am not saying I don't feel like a chicken with it's head cut off, but it is possible to stay on track with work, while giving your kids a great summer, especially when you have 5-hour ENERGY® shots!

This summer I am even more challenged because my grandson is home with us. Oh how I would love to spend every minute enjoying the little guy! But with all the work I have I can't, so instead I have to plan my days carefully so that I can spend extra time with him too. Here are 5 tips to help you stay on track with work even while the kids are home for summer.

1. Wake up earlier: This is easier said than done, I've been so busy lately that even I am having a hard time waking up early. But just giving yourself an extra one or two hours can make a huge difference in how much you can do in a day. And sometimes the most productive work happens when the family is still asleep and your brain is nice and fresh.

2. Keep a running to-do-list: My notebook is my best friend. Keeping dates and notes on my phone has never worked for me so instead I note everything down in writing. I have all my due dates on a calendar with plenty of notes and I have a running to-do-list for the day and the week. This is the only way that I can make sure not one tiny detail slips by me.

3. Refresh yourself after mid day for a boost of energy: This is so important and I find that when I take 10 minutes to do this, it makes a big difference in the rest of my day. Usually around 2:00 pm I start feeling icky, sluggish and very much in need of a nap. What I do is take a 10 minute break to my room where I will refresh my perfume, refresh my makeup with a spritz of thermal spring water and add a bright pop of color to my lips. Then I take a 5-hour ENERGY® shot to give me that boost I need to finish the day without fear of crashing later in the evening. 5-hour ENERGY® shots are a dietary supplement that contains a blend of B-vitamins, amino acids, and essential nutrients that contains about as much caffeine as a regular cup of coffee.

I purchase 5-hour ENERGY® shots at Walgreens where they are usually running some sort of sale for them. This week they had one of the flavors at 2 for $4, but I grabbed some of my other favorites as well, the one I like the most has got to be Pink Lemonade.

You know I'm at Walgreens just about every week to grab my makeup sales, so it's always the perfect time to stock up on 5-hour ENERGY® shots as well.

4. Organize your work schedule around the kids activities, take work with you while you wait for them: While I can't always work on my computer as we are running errands or waiting for the kids to finish an activity, there is always something I can do to use the time. This is a good time to update to-do-lists, edit photos, or even to make phone calls. I usually leave all the personal calls for the end because they are so tedious but if I'm sitting down waiting, might as well use that time wisely. And for sure if I am going to be gone all day, I pack a bottle or two of 5-hour ENERGY® shots in my bag. They are so small that they can fit into the smallest space and when you need that extra energy boost, you can just pull it out and enjoy. I really do enjoy the taste and and find it easier to have than a hot cup of coffee while on-the-go.

5. Schedule work in the evening: My house is pure chaos in the evenings, so even if I tried there wouldn't be any work getting done. Instead I put my computer and phone away and watch a few Disney channel shows with Sammy and have some dinner. After 9 when she gets to bed then I can do another hour or two of work. Sometimes when we are out all day this turns into 3-4 hours, but it's worth it.

At the end of the day I am thankful for the amount of work I have. I am the provider in my home and running my own business is not a cake walk but I am very fortunate to be able to work at home. If I end up having to work into the night, or into the early hours of the morning, I don't mind. While this job is so consuming, it also allows me the freedom to be here with my family. Planning my schedule carefully, planning my days, having a never ending to-do-list and stocking up on 5-hour ENERGY® shots, allows me to enjoy my daughters time off, while still taking care of my business. This is going to be a good summer and we are going to have tons and tons of fun, even while I run on little sleep. Hey, I can always sleep when she goes back to school in August right?

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