First Impressions: Ipsy May 2014 - Sammy Makes Six

First Impressions: Ipsy May 2014

My Ipsy bag arrived yesterday the 12th, which was the same day that tracking codes were emailed and Glam Rooms revealed. If you recall I had a fantastic April Ipsy bag and because February and March had been so good (in my opinion), I was hoping for another great bag. But it was just not meant to be. This is only my second month on Ipsy so I am really disappointed with almost all of my selections. I had already taken a peek at my glam room so I knew that it would be pretty bad, but I hoped in person the items would be better, but they really are not.

Basically my issue with subscription beauty services lies in the fact that I dislike samples. I am not one of those people that rushes to sign up for a sample, something about tiny bottles with little product, really turns me off. That is exactly why it took me over 7 months to finally sign up for Ipsy. And this was only after seeing that there was a great bag in December, February and March. Those bags had one or two full sized items or at least travel sizes and they had more cosmetics than anything. I am about trying out the cosmetics, not skin care or sun care. Those are things that I am either very particular about or that I don't even use, like SPF. That means I signed on to Ipsy for the makeup. I know it is only $10, but to receive one tiny cosmetic that is not even good and 4 skin care items, is as bad as it can get. I would have loved another cosmetic, a polish, a brush, anything to do with makeup, and maybe just three skin care items. 

So that is my story and I know it's not a big deal, I will just call it a loss, set the stuff aside and hope for a better bag next month.  Let me say though that the bag is very cute and I will def be using that! 

Hey Honey Take It Off Exfoliating Honey Peel Off Mask: might not be bad but can the tube be ANY smaller? There are probably  two applications in this tiny tube. 

Pur-Lisse Hydra Balance Moisturizer: ok, I can use this and it's a cute tube, I will try not to hate it. 

Pacifica Mineral Eyeshadow Duo in #1. Pale pink and champagne shadows, how boring...! I might have been more excited about this had I got another color selection and if so many people weren't saying that these are not pigmented at all. 

JerseyShore Sun Sans Tan SPF 35 (shaking head, I don't use separate SPF)

Avene Thermal Spring Water: interesting and very high end looking. This might make the bag worth it if it can be used as a setting spray and makeup refresher.

So there you go, this is my May Ipsy bag, pretty unspectacular right? Do let me know what you received in your bag.