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First Impressions: Ipsy May 2014

My Ipsy bag arrived yesterday the 12th, which was the same day that tracking codes were emailed and Glam Rooms revealed. If you recall I had a fantastic April Ipsy bag and because February and March had been so good (in my opinion), I was hoping for another great bag. But it was just not meant to be. This is only my second month on Ipsy so I am really disappointed with almost all of my selections. I had already taken a peek at my glam room so I knew that it would be pretty bad, but I hoped in person the items would be better, but they really are not.

Basically my issue with subscription beauty services lies in the fact that I dislike samples. I am not one of those people that rushes to sign up for a sample, something about tiny bottles with little product, really turns me off. That is exactly why it took me over 7 months to finally sign up for Ipsy. And this was only after seeing that there was a great bag in December, February and March. Those bags had one or two full sized items or at least travel sizes and they had more cosmetics than anything. I am about trying out the cosmetics, not skin care or sun care. Those are things that I am either very particular about or that I don't even use, like SPF. That means I signed on to Ipsy for the makeup. I know it is only $10, but to receive one tiny cosmetic that is not even good and 4 skin care items, is as bad as it can get. I would have loved another cosmetic, a polish, a brush, anything to do with makeup, and maybe just three skin care items. 

So that is my story and I know it's not a big deal, I will just call it a loss, set the stuff aside and hope for a better bag next month.  Let me say though that the bag is very cute and I will def be using that! 

Hey Honey Take It Off Exfoliating Honey Peel Off Mask: might not be bad but can the tube be ANY smaller? There are probably  two applications in this tiny tube. 

Pur-Lisse Hydra Balance Moisturizer: ok, I can use this and it's a cute tube, I will try not to hate it. 

Pacifica Mineral Eyeshadow Duo in #1. Pale pink and champagne shadows, how boring...! I might have been more excited about this had I got another color selection and if so many people weren't saying that these are not pigmented at all. 

JerseyShore Sun Sans Tan SPF 35 (shaking head, I don't use separate SPF)

Avene Thermal Spring Water: interesting and very high end looking. This might make the bag worth it if it can be used as a setting spray and makeup refresher.

So there you go, this is my May Ipsy bag, pretty unspectacular right? Do let me know what you received in your bag. 


Nancy Loring said...

The ipsy bag is like getting a christmas present every month. You have recieved some nice things. I'm sure my daughter would be interested in this.

isabel said...

I like this to get cosmetics boxes but I don't get this one but it looks ok

isabel said...
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Betzy Carmona said...

Ipsy is a great bag but it's so easy to build up a sample collection