A Stylish Kleneex Box You Can Keep Out In The Open - Sammy Makes Six

A Stylish Kleneex Box You Can Keep Out In The Open

This post has been brought to you by Kleenex. 

Have you seen all the new designs Kleenex has to offer. One quick peek at the Kleenex Style Designer, and you can see just how many different designs you can pick from. I am a big sucker for a good looking presentation and that is what Kleenex always gives us with their Kleenex boxes and cute slim packs. These can be found in so many designs, colors and styles, that it is easy to find the ones that work with your homes decor. Every time I go to the store I like to grab one box of slim packs and a regular box, so there are always plenty of backups in my linen closet for all the many uses of Kleenex. 

Places to keep a Kleenex box or Slim Pack:

When I am packing my purse or bag for the day, I am always sure to include a slim pack for helping to face allergies while out doors.
There is always a Kleenex Slim Pack in my makeup bag. I use a few per day when I am applying my makeup because they are so soft and gentle on my skin.
Sammy's backpack always has a Kleenex Slim Pack which she loves sharing with school mates.
The bathroom is another must have Kleenex box in a color that matches the green paint. 
There are 2-3 boxes of Kleenex spread through out our living room areas and these are the ones that get the most use by us and any guests. 

Just so convenient and now ultra stylish, Kleenex boxes add to the design of your home, and your life! Visit the Kleenex Style Finder to find your favorite designs in English or Spanish.