1st Visit to #LegoLand #socal - Sammy Makes Six

1st Visit to #LegoLand #socal

This weekend I finally had to take Sammy to one of the most dreaded places on the planet, Lego Land. My hometown is Carlsbad and I love it so, but from the very beginning when Lego Land parked themselves there, I have had a hate-hate relationship with it. I think Lego Land is extremely over priced, I think its hours during weekdays are ridiculous (who closes at 5:00 and why?) and to top it all off, I think it is deathly boring. But like Adrian says, it's not about me but the kids and Sam and Luigi (my nephew) have both been doing really good in school and wanted to go there. I hadn't been there in years, I used to go a lot when my older girls where younger, and not a lot has changed. At least the hours on the day we went were more of the norm for a theme park. 

I guess seeing Sammy's happy little face made it worth the pain and torture. 

Luigi spent most of the day wet because he kept going into the water area, which was awesome on such a hot day. 

The part that I enjoyed the most was the miniature area, especially the Las Vegas part of it. 

Carlsbad is the best, it has such beautiful weather even though that day it was pretty hot.

And Sammy really did enjoy her first visit to Lego Land and is already asking when we can go back...!

I told her dad that I will not be going back but that he is more than welcomed to take her anytime he wants.