Weekly Faves: Sunday Edition - Sammy Makes Six

Weekly Faves: Sunday Edition

This has been a pretty great week! It's been super busy and non-stop, but looking through my Imstagram feed, I realized how many cool things we've been up to. These are some of my favorites of this week:

Yay for new Toms! I got a pair of black Toms from Jack back in December and I had been hoping to get the red ones from Adrian for Valentines Day. He didn't end up delivering on them but this week Jack treated me to them at Nordstroms after we hit one of the famous Toms Warehouse sales and found nothing left in our sizes. I live in Toms and have like 6 pairs but really needed to replace the red which are my favorite.

Forever 21 Girls clothing! I've been shopping at Forever 21 for my girls since it opened, but I hadn't realized that they carried clothing is Sammy's size as well. Not all stores have a Forever 21 Girls section, but the store in Corona has a huge double section. This is a pic of her birthday haul, and I have another on the way that I ordered online too. I have a feeling there is going to be a lot of Forever 3 Girls hauls in my future.

French Lavender & Honey from Bath & Body Works! Wow, this scent is so lovely. I am normally not a fan of lavender and was surprised how much I loved this scent. It's because it is very light on the lavender and you can really smell that honey. I scored three of the $6 travel bottles for only $2 over the weekend and loved it so much I had Mario grab me their FB special which was a full sized set for $15. I have been wearing this scent daily since I got it, you can say I am a little bit obsessed.

Moments... as a mom and grandmother there are no moments more special than those with my kids or their kids. My little Sammy turned 7 this week, which only reminded me of how fast time flies. 

My new phone!! For me, a cell phone with a better than average camera is as important as a good computer. It's important for my job and it was so sad that at the same time my laptop decided to die, so did my trusty HTC Evo with an 8gb camera. I scoured the internet looking for a good replacement and after ordering a total dud from Amazon, I found a great deal on a Nokia Lumia 925 that has an amazing camera. I have been blown away with the quality of the pictures this phone takes and I am so lucky I found it within my budget, something that was not easy right after having had to buy a new laptop.

Something else that was super important was a desk. We finally got cable upstairs and the little table I was using got taken for the tv and I was left with nothing. While in the middle of a rant where I was telling Adrian how I had to have a desk because it was so hard to work so many hours from my bed or the couch, he found this desk online at Staples for only 50 bucks! It's amazing how he found it just as there was only one more in stock. You can bet we reserved it and drove out to the next town to pick it up. Now I have more than enough room to spread out and work! I feel like I spent so much on my laptop and phone, that it was really nice not to have to overspend on the desk too. Thank goodness for clearance sales!

Couponing! My sister and I had a heck of time trying to find newspapers that had the P&G inserts last weekend. She drove over just to try to help me start my couponing journey, which is a goal I set for myself this year. Since we only got one set of coupons I went ahead and ordered a little batch online (later a few people told me this is a more expensive way to do it, but I am a newbie at this so I had no idea,) but I did get some really good cosmetics coupons. So far I have scored $1.39 Maybelline Color Show Nail Polish and .50 bottles of Rimmel 60 Seconds Nail Polishes. It's pretty exciting to see the coupons actually save me so much and I am pretty motivated to keep looking for coupons and sales. I just need to figure out the whole matching thing, which seems so complicated. But hey, at least I am actively doing it now, even if it's slowly. I'm sure with time I will figure it out. 

These are just a few of the awesome things that I have been loving this week. If you want to know more about what I do, you can always follow me on Instagram. I hope you had an awesome week and as I always say: don't forget to take time to enjoy the little things.