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The Perfect Gift For Mama this Dia de las Madres #FamilyMobile #MyColectiva

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My mom is beyond picky, so when it comes to buying her a gift, I really have to put my thinking cap on. I remember the year I got her a very luxurious and expensive robe, because she had always hinted at wanting one when we were out shopping. When she opened it instead of being floored with how soft and pretty it was, she asked me to return it. Then there was the time I got her two pairs of very hard to find sandals, which took me forever to find and could only be purchased online. That time she told me I had picked the wrong ones and that she would just have to give them to her sister. I have endless stories like this, where I thought I had the perfect gift, and it ended up being completely wrong or just something she didn't like. Well this year I am giving it another try. I ordered her a Sofia Vergara perfume and I am pairing this scent with the gift of gab. That's right, a cell phone with Unlimited Talk, Text and Data/Web. If there is one thing my mom enjoys is platica, she can sit on the phone for hours talking. Because she gave up her cell phone last year, she uses the land line in the living room. That can be very inconvenient for her or anyone who is trying to watch tv. That's why I am pretty confident that a cell phone is indeed the perfect gift for my mom this coming Dia de las Madres. 

Finding the perfect phone for mom wasn't hard either. All it took was a trip down the street to our Super Walmart and there in the Walmart Family Mobile section, I found the Samsung Galaxy Exhibit Smart Phone. While this is a smart phone with all the high-end capabilities, it is easy enough for her to use. I really love all the features you get with this phone, which other phones of this price normally don't have. She will have a 5mp camera for taking pictures to send to my sisters. 

She will have a front facing camera as well for Skyping with anyone here or in Mexico. This front facing camera is a feature you normally can't find in this price range. Believe me, I buy enough phones for my girls and they always complain about not having this camera for selfies. 

The Samsung Galaxy Exhibit is also small enough for her to carry in her pocket or her bag. This is important because my mom needs a small phone she can hold in her hand comfortably. 

For me, the best part is that her bill is going to be very inexpensive. Walmart Family Mobile is hands-down the most inexpensive prepaid type service we have ever found. Because it runs like a prepaid service, you don't have to sign your life away on a 2-year contract. With Walmart Family Mobile, you just buy your phone and a Starter Kit (pictured at top) which is $25. The store can help you set it up or you can do it yourself from your computer. Here you pick your plan between $29.88 for limited service or $39.88 for Unlimited Talk, Text and Web. This is the one I would encourage anyone to buy, because it is the best value. 

What really sealed the deal for me though was finding out about the Family Mobile low international rates. We have a lot of family in Mexico and calling there can be very expensive. With Walmart Family Mobile you can call Mexico, Argentina, Colombia and Costa Rica for only .05 per minute. This is what made this plan absolutely perfect for my mom. 

Giving mom the ability to stay in touch with all of her loves ones is the best gift of all. Now she will be able to call them any time she wants and she can even do a video chat here and there. Her phone will be light and comfortable, yet give her all the features she needs. And I won't have to worry about paying an outrageous bill. Walmart #FamilyMobile really has been the plan for our family and I am happy to be adding my mom on to it this Mother's Day. What wonderful gift are you giving mom?