Spring Colds Are So Not Cute, Luckily My Kleenex Are!! #KleenexStyle - Sammy Makes Six

Spring Colds Are So Not Cute, Luckily My Kleenex Are!! #KleenexStyle

This is part of sponsored campaign with Kleenex, all opinions are my own.

My entire household caught a cold last week, and I thought I had been lucky enough to escape it. That was until this week when I woke up with a pounding head ache that was accompanied with one of the worst colds I have ever had the pleasure to experience. And of course this had to happen on one of my busiest weeks, where I planned to be on my laptop working away every day, not cleaning my nose non-stop. It wasn't enough for me to already be suffering with allergies, oh no, I had to get the mother of all colds too. Spring colds are so not cute at all, lucky for me that my Kleenex are. There are so many super cute designs, and I have a nice variety of them to keep me going during this cold and allergy season. 

The first thing I did on that fateful morning was grabbed a cute polish in a great spring color, because even when you are feeling the absolute worst, a cute nail color perks you up! I also grabbed a few of my curtest Kleenex to-go packs and gave myself 30 minutes to do my mani. These 30 minutes for myself before getting on with the day, were so invaluable. By the time the fam woke up, I was actually starting to feel human. Have you noticed how surrounding yourself with cute and fun things can make you feel better? And these Kleenex packs are super adorable with so many designs, that everyone can find more than a few that they will totally love.

Luckily my cold is starting to wind down just a tiny bit. If I hurry, I might make my goal of taking the day tomorrow to go to L.A. I've already even packed my bag that includes: two Kleenex to-go-packs, my cell phone external battery,  le wallet and coin purse for lots and lots of shopping and the all my headphones for listening to my ebook while Adrian listens to his music. Now I just have to hurry up or I am not going to be able to make it!

Kleenex has come through for me all week, as always, with their great product in such cute designs that have made my cold bearable. I've been wiping, sneezing and coughing so much, but with these cute, little to-go packs, I am always covered (well except for those three times I sneezed on m boyfriend, but that's okay.) We all know who's going to be catching this wonderful cold next...jaja. 

I found my favorite Kleenex designs and you can find yours too. Visit the Kleenex Style Studio and see just how many designs there are to pick from. Whatever your style, Kleenex has you covered.