Safety and Comfort All-In-One w/ @EvenfloBaby #EvenfloPlatinum #ad - Sammy Makes Six

Safety and Comfort All-In-One w/ @EvenfloBaby #EvenfloPlatinum #ad

This post is part of a compensated campaign in collaboration with Evenflo and Latina Bloggers Connect, however all opinions are my own.

If you recall, last week Julius was here with us and he got to ride around in our brand new Evenflo Symphony LX Platinum All-in-One Convertible Car Seat. Well this week it has been little Jeremiah's turn to sit in the comfiness of this amazing car seat. Because the Evenflo Symphony LX can be used for children from 5-110 pounds, all we have to do is add the padding for smaller children and turn the chair around. Having a chair that is both front-facing and rear-facing really adds to the value of this chair because it means that this could be the only chair we will ever have to have for them. I am all about buying baby items that will grow with baby, especially when you have more than one child! 

More importantly when it comes to a car seat, is safety. When you are driving around all day with such precious cargo in the back, you need to know that you child is in the safest car seat possible. Evenflo continues to go above and beyond government standards to provide car seats that are 2X the Federal Crash Test Standard. In addition, Evenflo car seats have e3 Side Impact™ Protection, which contains 3 layers of engineered foam designed and tested to reduce side impact forces up to 50%. No one wants to think about a car accident, but they are a fact of life and it's why I feel so much better knowing my little guys are in such a safe car seat.

Baby Jeremiah was a little bit fussy today, but I know it was because of he is sick and not because he was uncomfortable. The NASA-developed Outlast® technology that was used on the fabric, regulates the temperature and ensures that he is never too hot. The Buckle Pockets safely tuck the buckle tongues away from him so that there is no buckle burn and all the padding really makes for a comfortable ride.

Keeping baby comfortable is a big priority for Evenflo, because a happy, comfy baby means you have your eyes on the road and not on the baby. Keeping your eyes on the road means a safer ride for everyone. The Evenflo Symphony DLX Platinum Convertible Car Seat is a keeper and makes me feel so secure anytime they are in the car with us. Every car ride should be so safe!