New York Color In A New York Minute Lafayette Pink #Swatches - Sammy Makes Six

New York Color In A New York Minute Lafayette Pink #Swatches

Here is a new swatch post of one the of the 5 new New York Color In a New York Minute nail polishes I purchased some weeks ago. To see the first polish M'inted on Broadway, click this link

As you know, I am a polish lover and am building a sweet little collection of polishes, most of which are super affordable. I hope to be able to post a full collection post very soon. 

Lafayette Pink is a very delicate pastel pink and of the five polishes that I purchased that day, it is the only one that was a tad bit sheer and a little streaky. But two coats gave me a very decent opaque coat and with the super fast dry time, I cant complain. This purchase of NYC polishes, was my first foray into this line and overall I am super impressed with it. 

It has so many pros:

super affordable: only $1.99 or less. I got them during a buy one get one half off sale.
great range of shades: I grabbed the five new colors but this line covers so many shades. 
dries in a minute: The only reason I don't change my nail color more often is how long dry time can take. These nail polishes dry super fast so you can move on with life and stop waiting on your nails to dry.
durability: I was completely surprised with how long this nail color can go without chipping. I have worn them up to 6 days without a single chip. 

I can't quite think of one single con.

Lafayette Pink, $1.99 girls, and absolutely perfect for Spring. If you are a fan of pastels, these new NYC (New York Color) polishes, will delight you.

What is your favorite Spring nail color?