LA Scenes - Taken with Nokia Lumia 925 - Sammy Makes Six

LA Scenes - Taken with Nokia Lumia 925

I had a fun day testing out the camera on my new Nokia Lumia 925 yesterday. I love Los Angeles, so there was no better place to test it out. All pics are #nofilter, just straight out of the phone.

I stopped at the Santee Alley (one of LA's famous alleys) to look for a phone case for my boyfriends daughter, I was only there for 15 minute but it felt like too long. I don't really like shopping at the alleys at all, we've tried it a few times and while you can find some deals, I have found that the stuff is pretty junky. Last batch of clothes we got were such poor quality that everything faded after one or two washes. 

I love LA, and I hope to move closer one of these days. It is such a beautiful city, full of 
diversity and with so much going on. Que bella es la ciudad.