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Julie G Nail Color in Santorini, From the Limited Edition Cruise Time Collection

I have heard so much about Jesse's Girl and Julie G Nail Color, for months now. But being the savvy saver that I am, I have been holding out for any type of sale, because I truly dislike paying full retail price for any cosmetic item. Even though I check every time I go into Rite Aid, I can never find this line on sale. But yesterday as I was doing my regular check-in, I found the Julie G Limited Edition Cruise Time Collection display and having just see one of my very favorite bloggers (Coffee Break With Dani), review these, I knew I had to get at least one. According to Dani, these are the best polishes of life and you can find many Essie dupes in the Julie G line too. Pricing for the bottles is really low, only $3.99 per bottle. I realize this is super cheap but the only way I can continue to buy items is by at least making sure they are on sale. I do spend a lot on makeup and polish, so I am sticking to this rule 98% of the time. I decided to get one polish and I chose Santorini, the one Dani said she really loved. I did have an extra buck so at least I saved that and left comfortable knowing I stuck to my rule. 

The Julie G Cruise Line offers 6 different colors, all named after cruise ports of call. I do love a polish with a cute name and these have fun names that make me think of vacations and mai tais. This is such a cool collection that has me totally thinking of summer, and believe me, I want to go back for a few more before that tiny display case empties out. 

Santorini is a periwinkle baby blue color that looks like it has some sheen but on application is completely cream with no glitters. 

Here are all the pics I took to show you this amazing color. All are no filter and completely untouched.

I only do my toenails like once a month and this was so cute, I had to do the toes too. 

And here is one flash shot so you can see what Julie G Nail Color in Santorini looks like with flash. As you can see the flash picks up some lavender tones.

Overall I love this polish, and this is something I already knew was going to happen. That many people can't rave about an item and be wrong, especially when some of those people are your favorite reviewers or vloggers. The presentation of the bottle is pretty, similar to an Essie bottle. The formula on Santorini is definitely thick and that means that you have to apply each coat evenly and quickly. I find thick formulas tricky because since I try to go slow so that I don't smear anywhere, the formula begins to dry on me and then I am rushing to get it finished before it gets lumpy. If you do a nice thick coat, you can get away with one coat of Santorini but I did two. I will update at a later time as to the longevity of the polish and any problems if they may arise. So far though I am highly pleased with my very first Julie G polish.

Have you ever tried any Julie G or Jesse's Girl Nail Colors?