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Consejos de Mama & “The Beauty of Nature”

This is a sponsored post in collaboration with Latina Bloggers Connect and Aveeno. However, all opinions are my own.

You know how much I love trying out new products and brands. I love finding those hidden gems that no one knows about. But as much as I love finding that new great product, there is a list of tried and true products that are never far from my reach. One of these items is the Aveeno Active Naturals Daily Moisturizing Lotion. This lotion was discovered by my mom years ago and ever since then it's been the only body lotion that she uses. When my mom feels really confident and strongly about a product, it always urges me to try it. A moms recommendations especially in the Latino culture are very important. While my mom was never into cosmetics or beauty in particular, I always remember her having this very stringent skin care routine. She always used an entire line right before bed, cleansing and moisturizing with so many pretty bottles and potions. She always urged me to take the same care of my skin because of course it' the only one we have, and with age you begin to tell how good you have been to it.  

My mom loves Aveeno Active Naturals because it's main ingredient is avenaAvena or oats, contain 5 vital elements that are found in healthy skin. Aveeno has taken the oat and produced an active natural product that gives our skin this radiant and healthy look and feel. By tapping into ancient folklore as well as historical uses of oat and using science to identify its most useful properties for healthy skin, AVEENO hidden benefits within the small but mighty oat. Aveeno gives my thirsty skin that much needed moisture and it even helps to soothe the really bumpy skin I have all over my arms. I've always had that problem with my arms, and Aveeno can calm and soothe them very gently. Using a natural product to care for my delicate skin is important.

AVEENO  is proud to debut “The Beauty of Nature,” a video narrative featuring Brand
Ambassador Jennifer Aniston, which celebrates the abundance of ingredients found in 
nature with the vast potential to help enhance our natural beauty. “The Beauty of Nature” highlights the compelling farm to formulation journey of the Aveeno Brand’s first ACTIVE NATURALS ingredient, oat.

The beauty of nature is that it has so much to offer us. Which is your favorite Aveeno product?