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Where Do You Blog From?

One of the reasons why I had really looked forward to moving was so that I could carve out a small office nook for myself. Our last place was small, and there was no area for me to be able to work in peace. The dining room table was the spot where I sat at most of the time, but if you have ever tried this you know that people usually take that for chat time. I guess it's hard to take the person sitting at the table with a laptop serious, as soon as I would sit down my mom would usually bring her cup of coffee over and commence to chat with me the whole time. Or the girls and kids would hop on the chairs, bringing toys over and noisy tablets. I understand they wanted to spend time with me, that's fine, I am all for it. But when it comes to sitting down and concentrating on creating content, it's hard to do it with the whole family sitting there with you. I have coveted a small space just for me for so long now, and though it is not the space I have envisioned yet, I have my little corner started.

We decided to go the used route on all of our furniture for this new place. We've got most of the living room done, a nice kitchen table and a few other odds and ends, but so far no desk has been found. So what I did was that I commandeered the little table that Adrian bought and repainted to set the television in our room. It's the smallest table ever but it fits my laptop, mouse and coffee cup. There is also a shelf for me to place my notebooks and calendars. 

I was missing a chair so yesterday I picked up the Green Snille Swivel Chair I saw at Ikea a few weeks ago. I am in love with this color, so it doesn't matter that it matches nothing else in the room. I was going to get the black, which would have matched beautifully, but I would have regretted it. Hey, you only live once, buy the chair in the color you really want!

A lot of times you will also find me working on this incredible leather recliner. That's why I really concentrated on finding a smaller laptop. Seriously most of my blogging happens on my bed, this chair or the couch, so a small and thin laptop makes it so much easier. 

I've asked Adrian to repaint the little table in black so that it will go better with my new chair, and I have tons of plans for the wall in front of my little space. It's got a long way to go, but now when I get tired of slouching on the couch or my bed, I have this teeny tiny desk and cool chair to go work on more comfortably. And of course I will keep scouring Goodwill every chance I get for the perfect desk. For now, I am pretty set though. Where do you blog from?

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