Weekly Faves : Sunday Edition - Sammy Makes Six

Weekly Faves : Sunday Edition

What a week! Goodness, time sure flies when you are busy! I have been all over the place this week and even now find myself sitting down to work on a Sunday night. But I wanted to make sure to make time to share some of my favorites for this past week. 

It's been months since I had gone to the library to check out some books. In fact it had been at least one month since I even had time to read. I had L.A. Candy on my nook for over a month and a half, until I finally finished it a few nights ago. This almost never happens to me because I usually have more time to read. So I grabbed some new books at the library and plan on making that extra time to read them all, and hopefully this week. I got some of my favorite authors plus a first time novel from the actress on Gilmore Girls. This should be fun!

I am also loving my ever-growing affordable polish collection. I know that there are higher end, expensive brands. But you can find some really great polishes at super affordable prices. Case in point: NYC Big Apple Red was .68 at Rite Aid, Grape Shake from Forever 21 was $2.81 (Jack bought me this one), and the L.A. Colors Mega Grow Complex was a buck from the pound store (Adrian bought me). One of these days I will do a polish collection post. I don't have tons and tons of them, just a small shoe box type container full, but I love the colors and brands so I am super happy with the way that it is coming along.

These days I am seriously having a love affair with Instagram. It really is becoming my favorite social media account and it's where you can usually find me. There is just so much to see and find! I love the community feel and how easy it is to get to know people that have the same passions as you. I am very active on Instagram, if you want to follow me, you are more than welcome.

Surprise rain storms. California hasn't had much of a winter this year and I think it rained a total of 4 days so far. That's why the surprise rain storm that came out of nowhere the other afternoon was such a treat. We went into the library on a bright, sunny day, and we came back out to rain, the sun setting and a rainbow. It was beautiful!

I am also really enjoying the two Victorias Secret Fragrance Mists that I picked out for Valentine's Day. I have a few more of these and tons from Bath & Body Works, but I am seriously making an effort to buy less and really use what I do buy. Even if I don't purchase it myself. The point is not just to buy to buy, it's to spend money only on items that I really am going to use. I've always had this shopping compulsion problem, so these days I am trying to tame that beast. There is no need to hoarde a million things that I am not going to ever use. Plus these two scents are AMAZING!!! And they were super cheap too, on sale for only $5 the day we got them, so Adrian got off giving me a real cheap gift.

These are just some of my favorites of the week. All little things, but for me, important things that make my days and life just a little bit brighter.

It's all about taking time to enjoy the little things :) That's my mantra and I am sticking to it.