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Top Three Times I Needed a Walgreens Healthcare Clinic Las Vegas

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I recently mentioned how I've been having to take Cici to the doctor a lot in the last weeks. When you're a parent, plenty of visits to the doctors are pretty much the norm. But what happens when your doctors office is closed (weekends) or you are away from home? You are taking a vacation and expect things to go smoothly and everyone to have a great time, but of course that can't happen! Someone, and most undoubtedly the little one and most fragile, has to suddenly break out in a case of full-body hives and a high temperature. Luckily there was a Walgreens Health Care Clinic Las Vegas on our last Vegas vacation. What could have turned into us having to come back home barely two days into our vacation, turned out okay after getting in her to see a Healthcare Professional at Walgreens. It was just a reaction to milk, which she hadn't had in years so I had forgotten just how ugly the hives could get. A visit to the clinic, some medication and rest and we were ready to continue or little Spring vacation. 

Illness doesn't take a vacation. You just have to be prepared to deal with the unexpected, like these top three times I could have definitely used Walgreens Healthcare Clinic:

The time we all needed a flu shot and the doctors office had run out - two winters ago we all got sick so many times. This winter we promised ourselves it would not happen again. We got everyone's shot done in one trip and ended up paying almost the same amount as the girls co-pay at their regular doctor. I don't have insurance so this works really well for me too.

The time a certain teen had a stomach ache that was so bad she thought she was dying - turns out all she needed was help going to the bathroom. Two doctors visits later and all it took was popping into Walgreens where they showed us which drink she needed to take to take. She was better that night.

The time my ear bled into my pillow - talk about a scary wake up call! Ear infections can get pretty serious and mine was well into needing antibiotics. I had been having massive headaches and pain, and as most moms tend to do, I ignored it. Don't do this to yourself, go get a quick wellness check up.

Top 3 Times I Needed A Walgreens Healthcare Clinic

I enjoy the security and convenience of knowing there is a place to go that is open 7 days a week, accepts walk-ins as well as most insurances. With children you never know what will go wrong, having a Walgreens health care clinic nearby, can be a real life saver. Find out if there is a clinic near you and take advantage of their services.

When was the last time an illness caught you by surprise and you needed a quick visit to a clinic?


tannawings said...

Walgreens is great- I think most things seem to happen on nights or especially weekends! No matter where youre at there is a Walgreens, and I have useed them too.

ellen beck

Kelly @ Texas Type A Mom said...

I can't even imagine my ear bleeding into my pillow - scary! And what a relief your daughter didn't need to suffer and you didn't have to cut your vacation short while in Vegas! #client