The Eureka AirSpeed Cleans All My Floors w/ Mucho #EurekaPower - Sammy Makes Six

The Eureka AirSpeed Cleans All My Floors w/ Mucho #EurekaPower

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As you know, we recently moved to a roomier town home. One of my very favorite parts about this new place was the fact that there was very limited carpeting (only on the stairs) and the rest of the house has tile and wooden floors. I just find that keeping carpets clean is very hard when you have children and teens. You can scrub your carpet every week, but if you have kids, stains will show up literally over night. So I love the fact that this new place has more floors than carpeting. It just makes for a cleaner, fresher home. But what I was not prepared for, was how to clean these floors! Having had carpet through out in all my previous homes, I was not prepared for the mass amounts of hair, trash, dust and food that accumulates on a floor in a matter hours. I don't know about you, but I HATE the idea of sweeping floors. I have a complete phobia about sweeping floors, because then all that dust, trash, particles and just yucky stuff, ends up all over your furniture and surfaces. Really gross...

Enter the Eureka AirSpeed All Floor vacuum into our life. Now of course I know all about Dyson vacuums and I would love to have one, but have you seen how much they cost?! I refuse to pay that much for a vacuum, I really do. I mean, I want a vacuum that can keep my floors clean, but it shouldn't have to cost me an arm and a leg to do so. If you have the budget for it, and you are okay paying the price of a Dyson, then by all means, do so. I would rather spend the extra money on furniture or decorating the new place though.

I purchased the Eureka AirSpeed at Walmart for less than $100 and it is incredibly comparable to the Dyson DC41. This bad boy will not only keep my carpeted stairs super clean, it can also clean all of the other floors in my house, and then some. One machine that vacuums all the floors in your home? Yep! 

This multi-tasker has what it takes to handle all those every day messes, like those created by little kids who are always snacking and spilling.  With its added tools, the Eureka AirSpeed can help you throughout the rest of the house too. The upholstery brush can help you get all the furniture dust free, especially under the cushions. The attachments can get into tight corners ( hello cobwebs!), blinds, behind furniture and so many other nooks and cranies you always forget to clean. Everything is so easy to attach and use,  that there is no sweating necessary. 

Simple fits me best and when it comes to cleaning my floors, I don't want to have multiple machines that are bulky to store. I also want to get the cleaning out of the way as soon as possible and connecting different machines is so not for me. The Eureka AirSpeed has all my floors covered and it was super affordable. Now we can keep these lovely floors clean and looking good, in a short amount of time. 

The Eureka AirSpeed All Floors Vaccuum has all the #EurekaPower I need. But don't take my word for it, find our more about it here, and find out if this might be a fit for your household as well. 

My floors are super clean, free of all cheerios and other undesirables. How about yours?

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Jessca MillionMoments said...

Looks like you found a great vacuum! #client