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On Birthdays and Life

February and March are birthday months in our house. China had a birthday middle of February and Cici just turned 19 today. I still can't believe it. Nineteen and twenty! When the heck did this happen?! I remember when they ( all four of my oldest), were so little. They were such easy children, we would take my weekends and the two free hours during weekdays, and we roamed. We were never at home, instead we were having Cinnabons and Mochalatta Chills at the mall, or we were at Sea World taking advantage of our yearly passes. We would hit the Oceanside Pier, the Carlsbad beach, the mall at La Jolla, we did it all. Now we don't do much together as we are all rarely ever in the same place at once. 

Life goes by so fast...don't let is pass you by. Seize the day, and seize the moment. Because next thing you know, it will be twenty years later. 

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tannawings said...

They grow up so fast! I have followed you for some time it even makes me feel older knowing soon there wont be a teen there!

ellen beck