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NYC Expert Last Lipstick Swatches & Review

At the same time that New York Color released their Twistable Intense Lip Colors (chubby sticks), they released this new range of lipsticks. There are 20 shades in all in this collection and I thought I would be in love with so many, but really only these four really ended up catching m eye. Many of the shades, to me, seemed very plain and boring. A good batch of them also have a frosted finish to them that does not appeal to me at all, I cringe at the thought of frosted lips. But the price point is fantastic, these are only $1.99 and if you catch a sale, even less. I bought these all at Buy One Get One Half Off, so they were super affordable. 

The colors: Blue Rose, Berry Me, Coralista and Traffic Jam

Presentation: I like the slightly chubby design on these lipsticks, I think they are super cute. I love the big letters and how you can tell the color of the lipstick by the color of the tube. I know a lot of people have said they are bulky and cheapie, but I like them. The only issues I found were the lid not staying put all the time and not being able to twist the lipstick all the way down. One day I put the red one in my bag and the lid came off and made the biggest mess in my bag. Only a small piece of lip color was nicked but because they are so pigmented and creamy, it was everywhere. Since then I put them in my pocket and not in my bag, otherwise I leave it at home because they do last 4+ hours on without eating. They have a sweet candy-like smell that I like. I don't mind a sweet scent at all, but if you don't like scents then that might be an issue for you.

This picture is really enough when it comes to explaining how amazing these lippies are. They are so pigmented, and unlike other lippes in this price range, these are not dry and do not pull or tug on your lips. Specifically comparing them to Wet N Wild lipsticks, which also have amazing pigment, those tend to be dry upon application and sometimes even the entire time you are wearing them. These on the other hand, apply soft and creamy and have that a sheen that doesn't dry up. They are very comfortable on the lips. 

Coralista: I love coral lips and nails. This is a great lippie if you are looking for a coral that really stands out. In person it is more of a coral/melon shade and less orangy than you see in pics, and it's brighter too. I love this lippie and would def repurchase it. 

Because I usually opt for bright and bold colors, I might have passed up Berry Me if I hadn't needed a second color for the 1/2 off price. I am glad I got it though because it is so pretty! That is what this color is, extremely pretty. This is one of those everyday lip colors that is very wearable and not as glaring as say Traffic Jam or Blue Rose. If you are afraid of the brighter shades, this one should be a good one for you to try out. 

Traffic Jam is a bright red that I really like. I have worn it twice but never took pics so I will have to insert one here in the next few days. Red lipstick is my favorite and I like this particular candy apple red a lot. I confess to liking how it applies and the color even more than my Mac Diva Glam 1. That one is darker and really dry on application. I will get a pic posted as soon as I can so you can see how gorgeous it is. 

Blue Rose was the other that I looked at a few times before deciding to buy it. I don't know if it's because I don't think fuchsia really suits me or because it's a lot pinker than I like, but I wasn't really into this at all until the day I finally tried it. Now this is bright and bold and certainly not for the faint of heart. It's such an interesting shade, you can see blue tones, purple tones and pink tones, all at once. I ended up really warming up to it and wondering why I even had reservations about it. 

I am very happy with these four selections. I almost want to go back for Forever Fuschia, which is a bright pink and another red which is never in stock when I go to Rite Aid. If I ever find them in stock and on sale, I probably will get them. 

I like how you can wear these lighter by doing one swipe or build them up with 2-3 swipes. Again, for the price point, I think these are great. Next time NYC is on sale, I suggest getting at least one to try out or even two! These are my opinions and I can only tell you what I think of them, you might think differently, but I don't see how anyone could hate these. As of right now, I would repurchase all four of them.


Janice said...

The lipsticks look very nice! I would love to try the Berry Me. I love wearing berry and burgundy colors. The coral and berry me look great on you.

Minta's Creations said...

Wow! I love these photos and the lipsticks are beautiful and a variety of colors. I love these!

Jessica said...

those all look so nice you look gorg rocking them hun!!

tannawings said...

Blue Rose and Berry Me look amazing on you. You have the perfect look for brights but I also like the subdued colors.

ellen beck

maye said...

Que lindos colores !! Me gustan para la primavera!!

Yumna Patricia said...

Estan hermosos los colores.