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NYC Color Wheel Mosaic Face Powder in Pink Cheek Glow Review and Swatches

Remember my Rite Aid NYC buy one get one free haul? Today I have my review on one of the items I was really excited to try out, the NYC Color Wheel Mosaic Face Powder in Pink Cheek Glow. These powder mosiacs are available in 4 shades and cost a very affordable $4.99. I paid even less because I got it during that fantastic buy one get one free sale. Now I wish instead of getting the mascara to accompany it, that I had gotten the All Over Bronze Glow powder, which is this product in another shade. For my complete thoughts on Pink Cheek Glow, please keep reading. 

I became aware of this product while watching one of my favorite vloggers, EmilyNoel 83. Before that I might have seen them but not paid attention. After that I found a few more favorable reviews, and since I love me some pink blush, I really wanted to try it out. In person let me tell you how gorgeous this powder is. Can you see the beautiful colors?! So pretty! You get some plum, tan, bright pink and light pink shades that you then swirl together to make a beautiful wash of pink for your cheeks. If you have a small enough brush, you can use these individually, which I must try with the plum shade, which is to die for. 

Presentation wise I think product is okay. It's very similar to the Rimmel Stay Matte powder and a few other items in the NYC, Wet N Wild and Rimmel lines. For the prices you pay on these type of item and brands, the packaging is suitable. A lot of times when you are purchasing high-end cosmetics, you are paying for packaging. As much of a sucker as I am for pretty packaging, I will take a good product with a low price, versus a good product in great packaging for three or four times as much money.

The product itself is pretty great. It's not perfect because it can get powdery and once you swirl all the colors by hand, it gets very messy. But overall I like how easy this is to work into your cheeks and how even though the colors look really bright, it applies lighter. I've been having a bad experience with one of the elf HD Blushes, because it applies so bright and pigmented.  So I've realized I would rather have this kind of blush that I can build to my desired shade, rather than some crazy pigmented one that makes me look like a clown each and every time. I guess I would say this is very user friendly and perfect for girls just getting into makeup. Staying power for me depends on the foundation that I am wearing, but on average I get a good 6 hours. My favorite thing about this color wheel is that the colors are not sparkly and go on matte. I will be reviewing a Wet N Wild product soon, that I thought I would have loved, but all of the glitter completely kills it for me. (see, I don't love all products, I get plenty of duds.)

I swatched with my fingers quite liberally so this could show up more for the picture. But like I said, you have complete control over how much you want to build it up. Overall it is a very beautiful blush and I have really been reaching for this a lot on days that I wear makeup. I would def see myself repurchasing this product in the future, but I don't think I am ever going to run out to tell you the truth. If anything I might grab the bronzer shade next time. 

Have you tried this NYC Color Wheel Mosaic Face Powder in Pink Cheek Glow? I would love to know your thoughts.