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ELF Moisturizing Lipstick in Coral Cutie Review and Swatches

Today I am bringing you a review on an item I was super excited to finally try out. I hauled this back in December and I can't believe it's taken this long to actually get a chance to try it. This is the E.L.F. Moisturizing Lipstick in Coral Cutie. When I placed the order for this, I had hoped to get at least 4 of the shades. There is a beautiful red, a berry and another color I really liked, but this was the only one in stock. These newer lipsticks are from the Studio line and priced at $3.00 a piece. I purchased it during a half off sale which is what I am going to be doing in the next few days as I just found out they are having another sale just like it right now. Eyes Lips Face always has really great sales, and if you can hold on when you really want something, you can score some super deals. 

Presentation: I like the presentation of this lipstick, it's definitely a lot sleeker looking than the really ugly tubes on the $1 lipsticks. Once you touch the tube, it does feel a bit on the cheapie side, but not too bad considering the rock bottom price. But the actual shape and design is pleasing to the eye and I like how you can tell the lipstick shade from the colored band in the middle. This will come in handy if you have more than one color. 

I am a huge fan of coral lipsticks and I was very pleased when this arrived. It is a very coral/melon shade and exactly the color that I hoped it would be. I was surprised with just how velvety soft it goes on the lips, almost with a butter like feel, this glides right on. I ordered two $1 lipsticks in the same order and this lipstick is way, way more moisturizing and smooth. The color payoff is really great as well ad it is quite buildable. 

The finish of the lipstick is a velvety sheen, and what you probably won't expect is how long this stays on without being a matte color. I always find that it's the matte lipsticks that stay on the longest, but this wore for me 5+ hours and stayed looking really soft and supple. After having such dry lips all winter, it felt great to put on such a moisturizing lip color on. I am definitely going to be reaching for this a lot. 

I am a huge fan of E.L.F., if you go back on this blog you will find more than a few hauls. Their products just really deliver for me, most of the time, not every time of course. One of these days I will put a list together of the products that did not make the cut for me, but really at least 75% of the items delivery beautifully. ELF is such an affordable brand and with all of their sales, you pay even less. It's no wonder that I am so smitten with this brand and always jump when I see they have new products. 

I am loving Coral Cutie and I am planning to get a few more of these lipsticks. It's just so darn hard to find them in stock, but I will get my hands on more for sure. Do you have a favorite ELF product?

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Yumna Patricia said...

Me encanta el color, es mi favorito.Voy a buscarlo, me gusto mucho.