Does Your Man Have Hair Issues? Visit the “Good Hair Guide” For Tips and Tricks To A Better Head of Hair

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I've talked about my boyfriend's hair problems before, he has suffered from thinning hair for a long time now. I could care less about how much hair he has or how much is missing, I always let him know this. But I am not the one living with the problem, and as much as I try to make him feel comfortable with his thinning hair, he is very upset by it. The only other thing that I am able to do for him is support him in the many ways that he tries to keep as much of the hair that he has left. 

Thinning hair is a very common hair issue for men. As women we are usually more in tune with looking for places to find support, tips and tricks to our problems. Now there is a place where you can turn to find some help with your mans hair problems. Whether it's: thin hair, oily strands, sensitive scalp, dandruff or dryness, you can help find a solution to his problem. I went to check it out and I immediately found something that might help Adrian. I didn't know that Dove made a hair thickening and fortifying shampoo, and that it costs less than 4 bucks! We've tried so many crazy things, getting some of this shampoo and giving it a try is common sense. 

Visit the Dove/Walmart “Good Hair Guide” and get some recommendations for your mans hair, it's super easy and informative. 

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