Big Lots 20% Off Day Haul - Sammy Makes Six

Big Lots 20% Off Day Haul

This weekend Big Lots had one of its big 20% off Friends & Family sale. Last time they had this sale I stocked up on a few things and even grabbed a great vacuum at a really low price, so I wanted to make sure not to miss this one. I was hoping to be able to score some beauty finds, maybe some polishes or makeup but they didn't have anything really exciting. So my haul ended up being rather small, but the stuff I got was super decent. Here is all the stuff that I scored at 20% off. 

Epielle Cleansing Tissues in Green Tea and Aloe Vera $2.00 - $1.60 each
I've mentioned this brand of wipes before in my Friday Favorites because for the price, you really can't beat them. I am a huge fan of face wipes and I try all the different brands, like I love the Rose scented ones from Forever 21, but these are the most affordable ones that I have ever found. I had been hunting for the Green Tea scent because it is raved about all over the internet, and that day I was lucky to find them. They do have a great scent, very clean and the tiniest bit sweet, but I still love the Aloe Vera more. Regular price is $1.99 for 60 wipes, so you are paying $1 per month in face wipes, which is superb! They do a great job of removing makeup, I don't know about waterproof mascara because I don't use it, but everything else they take off and leave your face nice and clean.

Pink and Purple Mini Lights $5 - $4 each

I bought a set of fairy lights for my grand daughters room at Ikea a few weeks ago for almost $15. Munkey wanted her own set and I didn't think I would be spending another $15 on basically what is a string of Christmas lights, so when I saw these for $5, I immediately grabbed a set for Cici and one for Sammy. I ended up paying just $4 for each set and they look so cute in the rooms. This was a really great find.

 Revlon Super Lustrous LipGlosses $2 - $1.60 each

I was so happy to find these glosses amongst what was a bunch of junk and really old looking makeup. I remember actually having these in my hand one day when they were on sale for five bucks at Walgreens, but didn't end up getting them. I believe these have now been redesigned and that is why Big Lots has them, the new style is a round and longer tube, but for the price I don't care that it's the old design. The colors are : Coral Reef and Pink Pop. I am in love with Coral Reef, I did wear it yesterday and it's so pretty!! I will swatch these in a full post when I get a moment. 

Revlon Polishes $2.00 - $1.60 for both

I was so excited to see that they again had the sets of two Revlon polishes like the ones I found last year. They had three different color selections but each one had the same shade of gray, which is not really special or pretty, so I only selected one of the sets. I ended up paying .80 per bottle, which is a super steal, these polishes cost $4 at Walmart and over $5 at Walgreens. The colors are : Charming ( a gorgeous pale lavender for Spring!) and Sterling which is a Top Speed formula. 

The other sets had a beautiful lime color and a very pale yellow. I would have LOVED those shades as well, but I don't need that many Sterling polishes, you know? But I keep wishing I would have gotten them all, because I am sick like that.

All in all, it was an extremely successful Big Lots Haul, mostly because my girls got the lights they have been wanting and I paid so little for them! I love getting good deals and knowing I saved all kinds of cash. I don't go to Big Lots that often, but for these sales I will run right over. Have you visited Big Lots lately?


tannawings said...

I wish we still had a Big Lots store we really liked it. They had some fantastic sales. You got a great haul!

ellen beck

Yumna Patricia said...

Las toallitas no las he usado, los esmaltes de esta marca si, muy buen precio.